'Shocking, shocking, shocking' – Bellingham reacts to his EA Sports FC 24 rating

Four England stars have got together to see just how good they’ll be on the upcoming FC 24 game. Jude Bellingham and Declan Rice are not very happy.

To drum up excitement for the new game, EA Sports has continued the tradition of revealing the player ratings, by having the players themselves react to it on camera.

This time they got Jude Bellingham, Marcus Rashford, Declan Rice, and James Maddison to review their cards during a recent England national team gathering.

Bellingham has been sensational since his rise at Dortmund three years ago. Now, the 20-year-old plays for none other than Real Madrid, and has scored no less than five goals in five games in his debut season in Spain. Things are going well, but his FC 24 ratings have knocked him down a peg.

Bellingham is rated 86 on FC 24, a good overall score, but it’s the individual attributes he’s not impressed with.

‘Shocking, shocking, shocking,’ he says as he points to his pace (76), shooting (75) and passing (79) stats.

Although he’s content with his dribbling (85), defending (78), and physicality (82), he jokingly asked why EA Sports doesn’t just drop him from the game entirely considering the first three stats, much to the other three’s amusement.

Rice’s laughter quickly turned to disappointment when his card comes up next: pace 71, shooting 65, passing 75, dribbling 77, defending 83, and physicality 83.

The Arsenal star described his rating of 71 for pace a lie, before putting a bow on the card altogether, calling it a ‘shocking card.’

The two most pleased with their cards were Maddison and Rashford, who scored a 84 and 85, respectively.

What stood out on their cards was Maddison’s composition of 81 shooting, 86 passing, and 86 dribbling. Rashford was given an impressive 90 for pace, 86 shooting, and 84 dribbling.

The pastime of moaning about FC cards will never die, for us or the players themselves, but it certainly seems like some of these stats are difficult to get on board with.

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