Browns' Nick Chubb Squats 610 Pounds Easily At Georgia High School

Nick Chubb is not human … the Browns running back continues to prove why he’s one of the toughest backs in the NFL to take down, squatting 610 pounds while jamming out to Meek Mill and Tory Lanez!

The 26-year-old hit up the Williams Strength Facility at Cedartown High School in Georgia … where he stole the show with his incredible feat of strength.

In the video, Chubb settles under the tsunami bar — which appears to have 7-45 lb. plates on each side (14 total) — assumes the squat position, and gets to work.

Chubb was able to complete 2 full reps of the 600-plus lb. bar … and while he was flanked by spotters to his left, right and rear, there was no doubt Nick was finishing the lift.

As you probably know, Nick’s a beast in the weight room. In May, his brother Zack posted footage of him squatting nearly 700 lbs. And, he didn’t only lift it, he did it with pretty good form, considering the load.

In control the entire time, Nick handled the 675 pounds bar with relative ease … as people cheered him on.

The NFL season’s fast approaching, and it seems the 3x 1,000-yard rusher is ready for another Pro Bowl season.

Next stop … 700 lb. club? 800?

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