Hermes Billionaire to Leave More than $6 Billion to His Gardener

Nicolas Puech

A gardener may have just hit the lottery in a big, though unconventional way … and he stands to inherit more than $6 BILLION!!!

80-year-old Nicolas Puech is a descendant of the Hermes founder. In case you didn’t know, a Hermes scarf will set you back a bundle, and that’s one of the cheaper items.

Nicolas Puech

So follow along … Puech, who lives in Europe and is worth $13 billion, made a contract with a charity called the Isocrates Foundation, which he founded, to leave his fortune to the org. Its mission is to support journalism and a “civil society.” Fair enough.

But Puech has had a change of heart, and wants to give half his wealth to a male “servant, former gardener and handyman. The Foundation is apoplectic, and is making sounds like it’ll challenge the change, saying a contract’s a contract.

Nicolas Puech

But here’s the twist. The contract has a provision that says if Puech becomes a father, his child would be entitled to a portion of his fortune, and if it’s a son he’d get at least half.

Celebs Gardening ... Stars Going Green!

So how’s this? Puech plans to adopt his gardener, which would make the guy his only son and qualify him for a $6+ billion inheritance!!

BTW … according to Bloomberg, the Hermes fam is the world’s third wealthiest.

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Beats cuttin’ grass!

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