I'm a pro cleaner – I'd NEVER have these six things in my home

I’m a professional cleaner – I’d NEVER have these six things in my home

  • A professional cleaner has revealed the household items she would never buy 
  • Libby Denny posted the choices to TikTok and has left thousands baffled 
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A professional cleaner has revealed six things she would never have in her home, including one item many wouldn’t dream of going without. 

Libby Denney, 28, has been cleaning houses for more than a decade, but the owner of the Clean Up Company reveals she does not use a dishwasher in her own home. 

After a long day of cleaning, many would assume the last thing Libby would want to do is hand wash her plates, but the cleaning pro revealed she actively avoids using her dishwasher. 

In the video, titled: ‘Things I wouldn’t want or have in my home as a cleaner,’ Libby told her 110,000 followers that the item is a nightmare to clean. 

Professional cleaner Libby Denny has shared six things she would never have in her home – and some might surprise you 

Sparking controversy in the comments, the cleaning expert said she would not have a dishwasher. Despite having one, she actively avoids using it 

She said: ‘This is going to be a bit controversial, I personally have one of these in my house but I never use it they get so dirty they’re so hard to clean and I just prefer a bucket of water.’

The expert claimed that she has seen thick grime built up around the edges of the machine, and urged her followers to just use a bucket of water instead. 

Items never to have in your home, according to a professional cleaner  

Offering some more advice she said: ‘What I do  with my dishes after I’ve cleaned them is I pour a kettle of boiling water over the top of them while they’re on the drying rack. 

She added: ‘They dry in minutes and they’re sterilised, so you don’t need a dishwasher.’

In the now-viral video Libby lists five other items she would go without, telling her followers to ‘absolutely avoid’ wooden worktops at all costs, claiming they turn ‘grimy’ after a few months. 

Offering another controversial take, the cleaning expert told her followers not to indulge in a freestanding bath as trying to clean behind it is impossible and they collect a lot of dust. 

One item, Libby said makes her ‘skin crawl’ when she see’s it. She told her followers to never buy a wooden toilet seat. 

The cleaning pro explained: ‘They do nothing but collect dirt and germs, if you’ve got one, get rid of it go get a plastic one 

The cleaning expert also warns against using black spiraled taps, though they may add aesthetic value to your kitchen, she said: ‘These spirals do nothing but collect dust and grime, I’m not joking you. They’re the hardest taps in the world to clean.’ 

And finally, she urged her followers away from shutter blind and said: ‘I’m sure a lot of you are going to agree with me on this one.

‘They’re dust collectors, that’s all they are, they’re dust collectors.’ 

A free standing bath is just a number of things Libby describes as a ‘dust collector’ she told her followers that they are a nightmare to clean

Since it was posted, the video has gained over 75,000 likes and hundreds of people commented sharing their own opinion. 

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Many users flocked to the comments to defend their dishwashers.  

One user remarked: ‘With dishwashers, mot people don’t use them properly. You are supposed to rinse the plates from food first and then put them in.’

Another added: ‘I personally couldn’t live without my dishwasher. It’s saved so many arguments over who’s turn to do dishes. Life’s so much easier with one.

‘I think dishwashers have become essential and they save energy and water compared to hand washing,’ a third person agreed. 

After much demand, the cleaning pro uploaded a second video to the app, with more hard-to-clean household items. 

She told her followers to stay away from toilet brushes and carpets in their hallways, if they want a cleaner household. But left followers baffled, with many asking how she cleans her toilet.  

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