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ASTRONAUTS, Olympic athletes and F1 drivers all swear by this one trick to avoid jet lag.

Experts say holidaymakers should use an app to stop your circadian rhythm, or body clock, from being thrown out of sync when you cross time zones.

The free app – called Timeshifters – creates personalised lifestyle plans that aim to reduce the impact of jet lag.

Plans are generated based on sleeping patterns, personal preferences, and itineraries.

And its based on the latest circadian neuroscience which was developed by working with NASA astronauts, Formula 1 drivers and Olympic athletes.

The app tells users when they need to see things like bright light and avoid caffeine.



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Because these factors can be difficult to manage before a trip, the app provides bespoke timings.

A statement on the Timeshifter website read: "The only way to reduce jet lag is by shifting your circadian clock, and the timing of light exposure and light avoidance is key."

The experts explained that using melatonin (a hormone used for sleeping problems) can shift your body clock even faster, but only when you time the light correctly.

But if the light exposure timing is wrong, it can make jet lag worse.

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Meanwhile, the travel experts at have revealed their best tips for avoiding jetlag too.

The main advice from the experts is to adjust to the local time when you board the plane.

They suggest eating and sleeping as if it's the time at your destination from the moment you board.

Another expert has recommended adjusting to a new time zone the day before you fly.

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