Planning a trip to Turkey? TikToker shares five top tips

Planning a trip to Turkey? TikToker shares five tips which could save you thousands

  • Aaliya Adam has shared five tips for those travelling to Turkey for the first time 
  • The South African mother posted the advice to her 172,000 TikTok followers
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If you’re planning on visiting Turkey anytime soon, it pays to know what to look out for. 

Unsuspecting tourists could fall victim to all sorts of scams which could leave them thousands of pounds out of pocket. 

Luckily, one TikToker has shared five essential travel tips for those visiting the popular travel destination. 

The 26-year-old mother is quite the jet setter, and has ventured everywhere from Ibiza, Amsterdam and Barcelona to Dubai and Qatar. 

Now, the South African TikToker has turned her attention to Turkey, warning her 172,000 followers to be on the lookout for potential scams. 

Aaliya Adam has shared five tips to anyone interested in travelling to Turkey, her methods may save you a fortune while on holiday 

The 26-year-old mother told her followers to be on the lookout for any potential scams, such as overly expensive taxi rides

Aaliya Adam told her followers they should always pay in Turkish Lira when visiting the country. 

She explained: ‘There are a lot of scams, when I mean scams it is absolutely out of hand like they change prices in front of you and they don’t want to take the Turkish Lira.’

She explained that many Turkish natives will try to charge you in euros and dollars, for a significantly more amount, and tourists should stick to paying in Lira to avoid confusion. 

Another costly trick tourists fall victim to are taxi rides, she urged her followers not to take any old taxi and choose one with a meter to avoid being charged more than necessary. 

Aaliya explained: ‘Make sure you guys use public transport or meter taxis as they can get money out of you guys.’

She explained that a 5km trip could cost you up to 400 South African Rands (£16.77), whereas she would only usually pay 25 to 30 Rands (£1.26).

Aaliya also warned her followers never to buy brands in Turkey unless they’re ‘at the mall.’

She said that while some may think they’re getting an amazing deal on a Louis Vuitton bag that it’s actually ‘all fake’.

She also pointed her followers away from a popular tourist trap, claiming that Istanbul’s largest and oldest covered market, Grand Bazaar, isn’t actually that cheap. 

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She said: ‘It’s a tourist attraction so it’s really highly priced make sure you go in the inner streets to try and get really good bargains.

The last and ‘most important’ thing tourists should be aware of is the language barrier. 

Aaliya described this as a ‘really huge barrier’ and suggested to overcome it, travellers should use Google translate to make themselves clear.  

The popular video has gained over 100,000 views, and hundreds of TikTokers flocked to the comments to thank her for the advice. 

One person said:  ‘On point, I experienced all of the above.’

Another added: ‘Couldn’t agree more. I am a victim where I have been scammed by taxi guys.’

Meanwhile, others added their own advice, one person said: ‘Always check the meter taxi starts from 0.’ 

‘The Grand Bazaar was ridiculous I bought everything from the streets and it was so cheap

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