Aldi introduces new cutlery policy in stores – and it’ll change how you shop

Aldi has introduced a major change across its stores.

The German retailer revealed it will be removing wooden forks from its Food to Go range.

It could mean a different experience for shoppers who pick up sushi, salad and pasta pots from the store.

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But the announcement will help to save 28 tonnes of cutlery from being thrown in the bin.

The supermarket said the change has been implemented across all of its 990 UK stores.

Customers are now being encouraged to use reusable options when buying items from the range.

The move is set to help the UK's environment.

Luke Emery, Plastics and Packaging director at Aldi, said: "We are constantly reviewing ways to become more environmentally friendly, and this is another positive change to help us make a difference.

"This will result in a significant reduction in single use materials and help customers to make more environmentally friendly choices."

Aldi isn't the only business to change its cutlery policy to be more green.

In November last year, McDonald's scrapped plastic cutlery and introduced paper-based knives, forks and spoons.

The company said it will stop 858 metric tonnes of plastic going to waste each year.

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Back in January, the fast food giant also made a tweak to its lids to change how you sip your drinks.

The plastic lids have a pullback tab to prevent the beverage from splashing out.

To drink from it, customers have to pull the tab back then slot it into a small opening.

The concept is similar to the lid at Starbucks which has been used for the past three years.

According to Restaurant Business Online, the new McDonald's lids were first being tested in Minneapolis.

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