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AVOIDING baggage fees is one great way to keep holiday costs down, but it can prove difficult – especially on budget airlines with strict carry-on rules.

But one "genius" travel item has received praise recently for helping passengers to skirt additional costs.

The neck pillow, by Zipplicty, has a zip along one edge to let users stuff the pillow with items of clothing.

In a promotional video on TikTok, a woman can be seen peering around a plane seat as she watches a man pull several items out of the travel pillow.

Packed inside the pillow were items like wet wipes, pyjamas, a T-shirt, trousers, tops, and an umbrella.

The pillow also had a front pocket where valuables like a passport and mobile could be stored.

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Because soft items can be stuffed inside the travel pillow, it can still provide some comfort too.

In the last week alone, the viral video has amassed more than 8 million views on the social media platform.

In the comments, users shared their opinions with one person writing: "Genius, those TSA workers won’t be able to steal your money now."

Another person added: "Yes, this is a good idea."

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While several users were impressed by the pillow's design, others couldn't help but notice the price.

Someone said: "At $50, it's practically the cost of a checked bag."

On its official website, the Zipplicty neck pillow retails at $49.99 (£40.34), with the price rising even further to £83.54 on Amazon.

Airline passengers will be relieved to know that there are cheaper alternatives on the market, with some passengers simply removing the stuffing from their travel pillows and packing their clothes inside.

Meanwhile, Kristen Black revealed she rolled her clothes to make a neck pillow to get around strict hand luggage rules.

And it's not just neck pillows that people have been stuffing in a bid to avoid additional hand luggage fees, travellers have also been filling cushions with their belongings.

Earlier this year, TikTok user roadbunnies shared a video of themselves taking a pillow onboard their flight.

When they arrived at the hotel, they revealed that they'd stuffed extra items of clothing into the pillow.

She isn't the first traveller to try this trick with Ryanair.

Traveller Anya Iakovlieva revealed how she got away with putting all her clothes in her pillow.


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Another woman has revealed how she always takes an extra bag on flights for free.

A Tiktok user has gone viral for revealing a free way to take extra items on a plane.

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