‘I’m a pro gardener and I have the perfect weeding tool to prepare your soil’

A professional farmer claims he knows the “perfect tool” for weeding any plot of soil in time for winter.

The tip comes from the content creator behind the account @farmer.forberg, as revealed in a TikTok video, who has dedicated his social media account to educational topics concerning gardens and farms.

“Here are five steps to prepare your garden for the winter,” he declared in a recent clip, before showing viewers how to weed a garden.

The farmer personally prefers using the “hula hoe”, which he claims has proven the “perfect tool” for severing the weeds.

He demonstrates how to use the tool by digging the sharp edge of the blade into the plant bed.

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“I always find the hula hoe to be the perfect tool for any weeding task, and then I just pull out the weeds when I’m doing,” noted the farmer.

Next, @farmer.forberg chooses to fork the soil, which is deemed a fantastic task for the aeration of the ground.

Not only will this reduce compaction but it oxidizes soil and allows roots to take up all the nutrients they need.

It “will prepare your soil for your amendments,” he the content creator, as he proceeded to the next step; feeding the soil with the additive myco giant.

“I’ll apply a pinch of myco giant and mycorrhiza complex to my soil amendment, before adding worm castings,” he noted.

“I like to use worm castings as my soil amendment, which I’ll spread out over the bed.

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“I’ll then Rake it in using the teeth of the rake first, and then use the flat side of the rake to smooth it.”

Adding straw will further improve the condition of the soil because it’s “a fantastic weed suppressor” and “will eventually break down into your soil”, the expert explained.

When a gardener is ready to start growing in the new year, all they have to do is move the straw out of the way and dig their transplant hole.

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