Vapes must be banned from sale in shops near schools to protect kids, world health chiefs say | The Sun

SHOPS near schools should be banned from selling vapes to protect children, world health chiefs say.

The World Health Organisation said schools are “uniquely positioned” to crack down harder on pupils smoking and vaping.

In a guide published this week the WHO said authorities should “prohibit the sale of nicotine and tobacco products near schools” as well as banning their use on campus.

It comes as ministers prepare to crack down on a teen vaping scourge in Britain.

Single-use e-cigarettes face being banned to reduce waste and make it harder for young people to buy them.

Manufacturers could also be restricted on using bright colours and fruity flavours.

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Figures now show there are 4.5million vapers in Britain, with around one in six under-25s classed as regular users.

Dr Ruediger Krech, of the WHO, said: “Whether sitting in class, playing games outside or waiting at the school bus stop, we must protect young people from deadly second-hand smoke and toxic e-cigarette emissions as well as ads promoting these products.”

There is strong support for tighter rules on vaping and England's chief medical officer, Sir Chris Whitty, has said it is “utterly unacceptable” that advertisers appear to be targeting young people.

But some are also concerned that clamping down too hard could make it harder for smokers to quit.

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Chris Snowdon, of the Institute of Economic Affairs, said this month: “A ban on disposable vapes will restrict the choices of millions of adult smokers who could benefit from switching to them.

“We don’t ban cigarettes because some teenagers smoke them.

“The answer to underage vaping is to enforce the laws that already exist.”

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