Roxy Jacenko Mother Doreen Davis’ $7.8 Million Mansion Will Be ‘Yeezy-Inspired’

The mother of PR queen Roxy Jacenko, who currently lives in an apartment in the North Bondi block Roxy previously resided in, is scaling new heights with a sculptural mansion.

Employing William Smart of Smart Design Studio as architect, approved plans for the four-bedroom estate show that it will take on a sleek aesthetic with its splayed terraces and chic white palette.

According to Nine, An angular façade that resembles the design style of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian offers instant kerb appeal, and lush greenery contrasts nicely against the clean hue.

Doreen is clear on the aesthetic and estimates the build will be completed in two years.

“The architecture will be bright, light-filled and layered. The key feature is a series of splayed terraces with soft rounded edges that step back from the street and overlap each other,” she tells Nine.

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“It’s a home that will be sculptural, functional and relaxed in both aesthetic and layout.”

Alongside four generously sized bedrooms, the abode will contain five bathrooms, a gym, pool, flexible media room and study space.

“A centrally located sculptural spiral staircase that connects all floors will be a standout feature of the design,” Doreen adds.

“Sustainability measures will also include photovoltaic panels (the conversion of light into electricity) in the roof, a rainwater collection and double-glazed windows.”

Although plans for the interior are not yet set in stone, Doreen has enlisted the help of renowned interior designer Blainey North.

A look at some of the designs on North’s Instagram page reveal her overall aesthetic to be sleek and luxurious with curved surfaces, marble accents and subtle pops of colour.

“The interiors will be a combination of sumptuous and sleek,” Blainey tells Nine.

“They will directly reference the incredible architectural envelope William has designed, while adding additional layers of texture and detail. I can’t reveal the overall concept yet, but it’s entirely unexpected!”

According to Daily Mail, The new mansion will replace the $5 million Vaucluse cottage Doreen bought in 2021.

Doreen and ex-husband Nick built a lucrative empire together in the Australian rag trade during their 38-year marriage.

It is believed the Jacenko estate included a cluster of commercial properties in Sydney’s Beaconsfield, Alexandria and Ultimo, each worth about $15 to $20million.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Nine

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