I spent thousands going from Australia to Turkey for a nose job – I'm obsessed with it but people say it was a waste | The Sun

A WOMAN has opened up on her journey to Turkey for a nose job, but people said she wasted thousands of pounds. 

Megan, a British woman who lives in Bali, is a digital creator who shares everything from fashion to travel on her social media accounts. 

In one carousel video, she opened up on her journey travelling to Turkey to get a nose job. 

Dressed in a green tracksuit while sitting in the airport, she first told viewers: “POV you fly from Australia to Turkey for a NOSE JOB”.

After sipping on her Starbucks coffee and arriving in Turkey, she posted a selfie to show off what her nose looked like before the surgery.

“My nose pre nose job,” she wrote over this. “Wasn’t the worst but was my biggest insecurity for over 5 years”. 

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In another snap, she could be seen in baggy jeans and a black leather jacket as she “explored Istanbul”. 

She visited hotspots like Taksim, where cooks could be seen outside trying to sell street food. 

TikTok user @missmmeeke then posted a photo of the Dogan Pinar practice, where she got her nose job done. 

“Just met the surgeon for the first time and loved him so happy,” she shared. 

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In another photo, she could be seen lying down with compression socks on as she told viewers: “Ok slay let’s do this”. 

She was then seen lying down with her face bandaged and a blue ice pack over her eyes as she explained: “Slept like this for like 5 days. 

“Awake from surgery, uncomfortable but not really in pain just terrified to sneeze”. 

She was able to leave the hospital the following day and go out for a walk after three days. 

Showing close-ups of her nose bandaged, she wrote: “It’s giving chipmunk. Today they took the big tampons out of my nose & I can finally breathe”. 

Four days after the operation, she began loving the way she looked as the swelling had gone down. 

Her boyfriend also came with her for support and six days following the operation the pair went back to get the cast taken off. 

“I cried for a solid 24 hours after my cast removal,” she told viewers, adding that she was “obsessed” with how her nose looked from the side. 

One week later, she jumped back on a flight to return to the UK after living in Australia for two years. 

She then revealed the final results of her nose job three months after the surgery, where it appeared very straight from the side. 

“My nose is everything I wanted!” she explained. 

In the caption, she added: “Best thing I ever did for myself. I went with Dr Dogan Pinar and he was amazing.” 

And in the comments, she revealed that the surgery cost her £6,000. 

But people were baffled by her surgery as they couldn’t quite tell the difference between the before and after.

“The nose wasn’t even bad,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Looks the exact same”.

A third posted: “Why did you get a nose job? I don’t see where you had the changes. Your nose was and is still perfect. My nose needs way more work”. 

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“I can’t tell the difference as theres no real before photo of your side profile but I like it x,” a fourth shared. 

But one person came to her rescue as they said: “Don’t listen to the people questioning the tattoo or the surgery!! Your face, your money…” 

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