Optical illusion reveals whether you are logical or emotional

Optical illusion reveals TRUTH about whether you are logical or emotional… depending on what you see first in this image

  • This optical illusion may reveal if you have a logical or emotional personality
  • It was created by Mia Yilin and viewed by more than 60,000 people on TikTok
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If you’re curious about whether your personality leans more towards logic or emotion, this optical illusion may have the answer.

A video made by TikTok creator Mia Yilin is helping her 455,000 followers figure out their personalities by detailing the hidden psychological meaning behind an eye-catching image of an eaten apple.

The image also includes the faces of a man and woman on the right and left sides of the core.

Looking at the image may reveal the truth behind your personality, depending on what you notice when you first glance at it – the faces or the core.

This optical illusion can reveal if you have a logical or emotional personality. It’s based on what you first notice in the photo of an apple core, and there is no incorrect answer

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According to Mia, those who recognize the faces first are driven by logic, while others who only notice the apple are driven by emotion. 

In the clip, the content creator describes people with logical and emotional personalities.

Regarding logical personality, she said: ‘You’re a kind person and have strict morals, but you don’t like to be blindly led by the heart into making silly, poor decisions.

‘Instead, you think things through every step of the way.’

Mia notes that logical people may be exhausted at times, but that in the end, they will ‘always find that it’s worth it.’

Next, Mia makes it clear that people with emotional personalities aren’t ‘unstable and always upset.’

‘It implies that you are very good at reading hidden signals and always know the right thing to say in social settings,’ she stated. 

However, the influencer revealed that individuals with emotional personalities ‘choose to remain silent’ and often feel that their intelligence is belittled by others.

People took to the comments section to share what they saw first in the image

Viewers divulged in the comment section what they first noticed when looking at the image, many of which said was the apple.

Several users have also been agreeing with Mia’s statements – mainly with her statements on people with emotional personalities.

‘I have tested most of these and it’s so true about me – I first saw apple here,’ one person said.

Another user said: ‘I saw apple first and you said literally the whole truth.’

‘Apple – people think quiet girls are dumb, no, the contrary,’ someone else added.

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