Mother of man who went viral petting King's Guard horse reveals all

Mother of man with special needs who caused sensation online after petting a Kings Guard’s horse says he is obsessed with the royal family and loves ‘exceptionally kind’ Sophie 

  • Sandie Curtis, from Ascot, spoke to FEMAIL about son Donny after he went viral 
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The mother of a man with special needs who went viral petting the King’s Guard horse has revealed how he has had a lifelong love of the royal family.

Last week, Donny Curtis, from Ascot, was filmed being treated to the friendlier side of a member of the King’s Guard in London.  

In the heartwarming clip, he could be seen beaming with joy after a soldier moved his horse closer so he could get a picture and stroke the animal. 

A video capturing the moment, which has racked up 44,000 views so far, was posted on the YouTube channel The King’s Guards UK.

His mother Sandie told FEMAIL he has always loved the royal family and has even met Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh – a moment which she described as ‘huge’ for Donny. 

Ascot-based Sandie Curtis, whose son Donny went viral petting the King’s Guard horse, has revealed how he has a lifelong love of the royal family

Donny’s mother Sandie told FEMAIL he has always loved the royal family and has even met Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh – a moment which she described as ‘huge’ for Donny

Speaking to Femail, Sandie explained: ‘I met my husband when I lived in South Africa, and we adopted Donny there, when he was two-years-old. 

‘Although we were told he had complications, we did not realise the extent of his special needs; he has difficulty with speech, ADHD, global development delay.’

The family moved to the UK when Donny was five, and it was then that his love of the royals quickly grew. 

Sandie explained: ‘He watched one of the late Queen’s celebration parties in Buckingham Palace – since then had always wanted to meet her. 

‘He loves the Royal family, has books with photos, watches the programmes etc.

‘Being in the Royal Borough of Windsor, we are able to visit Windsor Castle free of charge, which he does often. We went to Buckingham Palace last Wednesday.’

And the family have even met a number of royals, including the Duchess of Edinburgh, whom Sandie said had been ‘exceptionally kind’ to Donny.

She said: ‘When he was at the Park School, they were visited by Sophie, now Duchess of Edinburgh, which was a huge event in Donny’s life. 

‘He then met her again on the Long Walk in Windsor, when she did a walk about during the Queen’s platinum jubilee, and a few weeks later, again on the Long Walk, when she was on her way to Royal Ascot.’

Sandie revealed how she and her family have moved to the UK when Donny was five-years-old and his love of the royals began 

In the clip, which warmed the nation’s hearts when it went viral last week, Donny was overwhelmed with excitement at getting a closer look at the King’s Guard horse.

The video was captioned: ‘What A Kind and Priceless Moment by King’s Guard towards a special teen!

‘Guard looked and saw the special man and moved the horse towards him and when the man was done and wanted to go, he repeated, “Bye Bye” to the guard. 

‘What a precious moment to witness.’

People rushed to the comments to leave their thoughts on the adorable moment.

One person wrote: ‘What a sweet young man. I loved watching his excitement. Thank you to the soldier for being so kind.’

Another said: ‘The smile on that young boys face was priceless. The guards tried so hard to get his horse closer to him. I wish the tourists would of done the same. Beautiful moment.’

While another wrote: ‘Thank you for sharing this moment! Thank you to the guard and for your kind heart toward the young man – you recognized his uniqueness and responded in such a compassionate way! 

‘He was genuinely discouraged by your lack of “conversation” with him, however, you found such a kind way to communicate with him and did you see his smile when you did?!? 

In the clip the heart-warming moment showed the man wanting to stroke the horse when the soldier moved closer so he can get a picture

‘He also noticed the horse’s bit and was explaining that to the woman (his mom?) with him…very smart young man! What a bright spot in my day – thanks to all of you!’

The touching scene comes after an elderly military veteran also witnessed the friendly side of a soldier he moved closer to her as she posed for a photo with her husband at Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall. 

A video posted on social media shows the couple – both of whom were proudly displaying their medals – moving as close as they dare to the mounted soldier.

But, having apparently realised they have both served their country, the soldier, who is wearing his customary plumed helmet and armour, quickly urges his horse closer to them before allowing the woman to pat his steed’s nose.

Beaming, the couple then move away and the soldier directs his horse back into position.

The video, which was originally posted on the popular Buska in the Park YouTube channel, was shared on Twitter and subsequently re-tweeted nearly 2,000 times.

Having apparently realised the woman and her husband have both served their country, the soldier quickly urges his horse closer to them before allowing the woman to touch the animal

The woman who posted the video via her account @manc_lass3 said: ‘What a beautiful and fitting gesture.’

She added: ‘God bless all in service, past and present, without their sacrifice we would be truly nothing today.’

Reacting, another user said: ‘Well done to that young man, he must have made the lady’s day.’

However, this year has also seen King’s Guard troops also boost their reputation for snapping at tourists who step beyond acceptable boundaries.

In May, a woman was left furious after being ‘pushed’ out of the way by a member of the Life Guard after she moved into his path, having earlier been asked to get out of the way.

He shouted ‘make way’ and used his arm to move the woman out of his path, which left her furious.

The previous month, a member of the King’s Guard had given a tourist a scare by shouting in her face when she tried to take a selfie with him.

The soldier stamped his foot, turned towards her and shouted: ‘Do not touch the King’s Life Guard!’, all while holding a sword.

The King’s Guard are posted outside at Horse Guards Parade from 10am to 4pm each day.

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