Daniel Radcliffe Admits He Signs Elijah Wood Photos for Confused Fans, Addresses Wolverine Rumors

"I think that me and Elijah Wood — the idea of us is the same. We are both short, pale, brown haired actors with blue eyes."

Daniel Radcliffe is weighing in on a common case of mistaken identity — when Elijah Wood fans apparently confuse the Harry Potter star for the Lord of the Rings actor.

In a new lie detector test with Vanity Fair, Radcliffe opened up about the pair’s resemblance.

“Have you ever met this man?” asks co-star Lindsay Mendez, sliding over a picture of Wood.

“Yes!” said Radcliffe, “Both in person and on Zoom.”

“Could you see the resemblance?” asks Mendez.

“I think that me and Elijah Wood — the idea of us is the same. We are both short, pale, brown haired actors with blue eyes,” responded Radcliffe. “But we don’t actually look that alike when we’re next to each other. But conceptually, we are the same.”

“Do you ever get annoyed when people mistake him for you?” Mendez further continued her interrogation.

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“No,” responded Radcliffe swiftly. “I think it’s very funny. I imagine he would get annoyed that people mistook him for me once, because I was a twelve-year-old child when he was playing Frodo, and that would have been annoying.”

Co-star Jonathan Groff jumped in, asking, “Do you ever tell people that you are him?”

“No, but I have signed photos of him,” revealed Radcliffe, to which Mendez said she has actually witnessed that. Radcliffe then went on to share that he received a photo from a fan, who he’s pretty sure is a troll, asking him to sign a picture of Elijah in Sin City.

“And you’re gonna do it?” asked Groff.

“Yeah! Absolutely,” said Radcliffe. “I’ll sign my name. ‘This is Elijah Wood.'”

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Radcliffe also addressed the rumors that he is getting prepared to play the Wolverine in the MCU — a Marvel role indelibly championed by Hugh Jackman.

“Did you start the Wolverine rumor?” asked Mendez.

“No,” responded Radcliffe.

“So you just got buff for no reason?” she asked in response.

“Yes! Because I’m obsessive and I wanted to — you know. You’ve seen my parents they’re like insane fitness people so that’s just been passed on. No Wolverine.”

“Flattered, but no,” he concluded.

Watch the full lie detector interview above.

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