NYC Label Brunch Taps Brooklyn's L'Appartement 4F Bakery for a Tasteful Collab

In New York City, brunch is an occasion in and of itself, an excuse to dress up (or down) and forget the week’s qualms of the corporate world. Hailing from the birthplace of brunch, is the lifestyle label aptly named Brunch, which is looking to make dressing up a whole lot easier – specifically by reimagining hotel wear through a contemporary, street-savvy ethos. Partnering with revered Brooklyn Bakery L’Appartement 4F, Brunch is stepping onto the scene with a (comfortable) bang, serving an elevated suede clog and a line of mini croissants at the forefront of the cohesive collaborative capsule.


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Combining the elegance of L4F and the comfort of Brunch, the suede clogs boast an orthopedic footbed, equipped with EVA foam that molds to the foot, offering a contoured shape, and protecting and cushioning the heel. The clog’s leather suede upper sees a cobranded logo imprinted on the tongue, and a back adjustable buckle allows for customizable wear. All slippers will be sold in a custom embellished shoe box. Take a closer look at the clog in the gallery above.

Brunch draws from L4F’s family-focused ethos across all of the collection’s pieces, leaning into the bakery’s intersection of food and community.  Custom merchandise is all hand-drawn, spanning intricately sketched sweaters and t-shirts, as well as corduroy aprons and hats embroidered with L4F’s trademark croissant.

Arguably the best part is the co-branded custom mini croissant cereal, petite cereal au Nutella. Made with the same dedication and attention to detail as the full-size pastries, L4F’s viral mini croissants are infused with a homemade Nutella flavoring. Handmade bowls are also available.

Brunch x L’Appartement 4F’s collaborative capsule goes live tomorrow, Thursday, October 19 at 12 p.m. EST, on Brunch’s webstore as well as at L’Appartement 4F and the Le Brunch Store on 50 Bond St. New York, NY.

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