Lawn mistake to ‘never’ make that ‘weakens’ grass and results in ‘brown patches’

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Even the smallest of lawns can be the heart of any garden and therefore needs to look its best to enhance the surrounding plants.

From watering to feeding and mowing to aerating, lawns are high maintenance and require a lot of work throughout the year. 

To avoid making any mistakes when maintaining lawns, expert Kevin Gess at Prestige Lawns has shared his advice on “mistakes to avoid” that could “cause permanent damage to your grass”.


The expert warned that too much water can lead to shallow root growth and “promote disease”. Water deeply and less frequently to encourage roots to grow deeper.

Grass only needs about an inch of water per week. It’s recommended gardeners have one to two days of watering the lawn per week – and this should be done in the morning.

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Not giving grass enough water is an obvious lawn mistake. This can cause it to dry out and become weak.

Kevin claimed: “On the other hand, not providing enough water can stress your lawn and cause it to become brown and patchy.”

Gardeners need to pay attention to the signs of drought stress and adjust their watering schedule accordingly.

Mowing too short 

Scalping the lawn by cutting the grass too short “weakens the plants” and allows weeds to establish themselves.

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Instead, the expert urged that gardeners should follow the one-third rule. Kevin said: “Never cut more than one-third of the grass height in a single mowing.”

Lawn pros at Lawn Buddies claimed that gardeners will “see brown patched” in their lawns if the grass is cut too short and it could “kill it”.

Infrequent mowing 

Allowing the grass to grow excessively before mowing can “shock the plants” and result in “uneven cuts”. Regular mowing helps maintain a “uniform appearance”.

Using wrong fertiliser or overfertilising 

Applying the wrong type of fertiliser or using too much can “harm your lawn”. Gardeners need to follow recommended guidelines and consider using slow-release fertilisers instead.

Ignoring weeds and pests 

Weeds and pest issues need to be addressed promptly. Weeds can compete with grass for resources, and pests can damage your lawn if left unchecked.

Not aerating lawn

If lawns are not aerated, the soil will become compacted. Soil compaction can prevent air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots. Kevin insisted: “Regular aeration helps alleviate compaction and promotes healthier root growth.”

Ignoring soil health 

Healthy soil supports healthy grass. Test the soil to understand its pH and nutrient content, and aerate it as needed to improve drainage and root growth.

Applying pesticides improperly

Misusing pesticides can harm the lawn, the environment, and even your health. Follow the instructions carefully and consider natural or integrated pest management methods.

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