Luka Dončić and Jordan Brand Extend Their Partnership Through 2029

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Dončić has inked a new contract extension with Jordan Brand through 2029. The new deal is built on three core pillars: building deeper connections with consumers, commitment to purpose-driven work and social impact and embracing technology and innovation through Luk.AI.

Through the first pillar, the Slovenian hooper will continue to engage with fans through more product releases and storytelling. Dončić currently has a duo of Jordan signature silhouettes under his belt, and will continue this legacy with a barrage of new colorways that reference his journey, beliefs and interests.

The crafty guard will also utilize his platform to create positive social change through his brand partnerships. In years past, he’s gifted Jordan Brand products to children at local Dallas hospitals through his Luka Dončić Foundation, and he will continue to participate in philanthropic efforts. Lastly, Dončić plans to innovate through his Luk.AI division and continue to blend the worlds of sports and technology. In recent memory, he engineered a special Jordan Luka 2 “Luk.AI” colorway that was accompanied by a campaign with an AI embodiment of himself, and he intends to bring more of these technology-focused projects to the fore.

In other news, the Jordan Luka 2 “Lake Bled” has received a release date.
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