‘I’m a gardener – these easy-to-grow vegetables are perfect for small spaces’

A gardening whizz has shared some tips for growing an abundance of vegetables when you only have a small amount of space available.

According to the expert, those with limited space can still enjoy an exceptional range of fruits and vegetables with a bit of sun – and patience. 

First, pick a spot that basks in a ideal amount of light and warmth, making sure to steer clear of chilly drafts. 

It is equally important to make sure your plants aren’t sitting near a heat vent or fireplace, as this can cause foliage to dry out or overheat. 

It’s important to use pots with drainage holes and high-quality soil to ensure the best growth as it ensures water doesn’t collect at the base of the pot.

Failure to provide a release point for the water can lead to the development of bacteria, fungus, and rot, due to overwatering.

The damage from unwanted growths on houseplants and vegetables can be a nightmare for gardeners to reverse, so recognizing the signs is equally important.

For those hoping to kickstart their vegetable garden, Bonnie Plants has compiled a list of the best veggies to start with as the temperatures drop.


This versatile veggie can grow quickly and easily, but it needs to be placed by a very sunny window to thrive. 

If natural light is scarce, experts recommend providing supplements lightly to help the plant grow. They say: “The full spectrum of light should be placed about four inches above the top of the leaves.”


Bonnie Plants says it’s crucial to pick dwarf-type tomatoes, as they are bred for container growing. Bonnie Plants notes that you can get “very good results” by growing the plants on a windowsill in a six to eight-inch pot.


Peppers need at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day, so ensure that the vegetable plant is placed in a well-lit area. 


These small herbs pack a wide range of nutrients, including vitamins A, E, C, and K. They should be grown in a shallow container and placed in a sunny area, according to Bonnie Plants. 


Chives are perfect for pots and can be used instead of garlic and onion, which are tricky to grow indoors. To ensure they grow properly, ensure they get enough sun and are placed in a pot with enough drainage holes. 

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