‘I’m a garden expert – these autumn lawn care tips will make grass healthier’

With the days getting shorter and the air becoming crisper, now is the time of year for gardeners to prepare their gardens for the colder months.

Whether it’s planting bulbs ready for next spring or trimming hedges, there’s plenty to be done in autumn.

One area of their gardens Britons should not ignore is their lawns. Paul Hicks marketing and product manager at STIHL GB has shared exactly how to care for lawns in autumn for “healthier” and “lusher” grass in two weeks.

Paul said gardeners can get their lawns in shape for next spring by putting in extra care in early autumn.

The mild and damp conditions in autumn are “ideal” for carrying out simple lawn maintenance.

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Paul explained: “Begin by mowing less frequently and raising the height of the cut as the growth rate starts to slow into autumn, as this avoids increasing the risk of moss and weed growth.”

The gardening expert suggested choosing a suitable mower that has an easy-cut height adjustment.

Mowers like this include the STIHL RMA 339C, the Black & Decker 1000W 32cm Electric Rotary Mower and the Bosch Rotak 32 R Rotary Lawnmower.

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Autumn is also the perfect time of year to aerate lawns which is the process of spiking the lawn.

Aerating the lawn while it’s still actively growing prepares lawns for the seasons ahead by reducing the compaction of the soil and allowing air, water and nutrients to get to the grassroots.

It’s also the perfect time of year to scarify lawns which is the process of removing moss and organic matter from grass.

Paul said: “Scarification is often performed at the same time [as aeration], which helps remove the layer of thatch build-up, and organic matter such as moss and sideways-growing grass shoots from around the base of the grass plant.

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“Whilst it may look unsightly at first, the lawn soon recovers and will look much healthier and lusher after a couple of weeks.”

Lawn scarifiers are designed to encourage healthy lawn growth and can be bought from garden stores.

The STIHL RLA 240 cordless scarifier costs £219 and the Einhell Expert 36V (2x18V) Cordless Scarifier costs £159.98 from Tool Station.

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