Homeowner’s unique way of stopping trespassers divides opinion

TikToker uses sprinkler to keep people from walking across lawn

Thomas Lyons just couldn’t take any more of seeing people he didn’t know trampling across his lawn.

Rather than confront the trespassers he decided to take a different approach.

But his method for keeping them off his grass divided opinion – with some finding it cruel and others a hilariously funny dose of karma.

In a video posted to TikTok, Mr Lyons showed people walking across his lawn, and each of them got soaked by an automatic sprinkler as a loud alarm warned them not to step foot on his grass. 

Thomas’ videos racked up more than 40 million views and his method to keep trespassers off his grass divided opinion.

Some users branded him “mean”, whereas others said he had every right to use his property how he wishes.

One person wrote: “You are all mad for no reason. This is their yard. Walking on it can kill the grass and there are sidewalks for a reason.”

While another disagreed, saying: “Cutting across the grass has saved me from missing the bus many times. People cut because it is always faster and even 30 seconds can make a difference.”

A third posted: “I love this level of pettiness. It’s your lawn, so do as you wish.”

And someone else said: “It’s just kids walking home from school.”

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Other commenters were simply dismayed at how “rude” the people walking on his grass were, with many stating they were brought up to respect other people’s property.

Someone said: “I don’t understand. I was raised to never walk in someone’s yard, especially a stranger’s.”

A second wrote: “I have always felt like it was disrespectful to walk on people’s grass.” And a third echoed: “I was raised to never walk on people’s lawns. How are these kids just casually doing that?”

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