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MOST of us think of Disneyland as a place of fairytale-like happiness and non-stop smiles. 

But Magical Girl Melanie, who used to work as a character at the theme park, says it wasn’t always a place of total joy. 

In fact, she explained in a TikTok posted to her 240,000 followers, she once made “a grown woman cry”. 

Melanie – who played Drizella, one of the wicked stepsisters from Cinderella – was working on a dinner service when she approached a table of parents eating with their adult children. 

The family had piled their books at the end of the table, indicating that they wanted each character to come and sign their autograph. 

When Melanie approached, she saw an extra book in the pile, and asked innocently whether it was full. 

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Apparently, the mum sassily replied saying: “That book is for princesses ONLY to sign.”

The former Disneyland employee tells viewers that at this point, she made a “huge deal out of it”, jokingly asking: “What happens when I marry a prince later and I’m a princess, and you didn’t let me sign the princess book?” 

Melanie says she then slowly reached over to pick up the forbidden book, as the woman’s family laughed along. 

“So now I’m flipping through the book,” she recounts, “and I see Aladdin is in there, and I’m like ‘Since when was Aladdin a princess? He got to sign it.’”

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The Drizella actress then turned to a blank page which had “nothing else around it” – “she could have ripped it out” – and proceeded to sign the book. 

But when Melanie was a few tables away, she recalls, she “got a weird feeling” and looked back over, only to see the woman had burst into tears. 

“I’m just stunned and have no idea what to do,” she confesses. “I had never even come close to making someone cry. 

“Even as far as stepsisters at Disney World go, I was pretty tame.”

She was eventually approached by the manager, but was let off the hook after explaining all she’d done was sign a book. 

“I still think about that lady to this day,” says Melanie. “I hope she got over it.” 

The actress regularly opens up to her followers about her experience working at the park. 

She claims that she was forced to quit the role a couple of years ago, after being paid less than $12 an hour because she wasn’t “pretty enough” for one of the major princess roles. 

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Melanie also disclosed that she struggled with body-shaming while working at the park, because Disney taught her “one of the main self-worth things I have was being a size 0”. 

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