I tried hacks for making tequila easier to drink – a basic kitchen staple made Kendall Jenner’s 818 taste like water | The Sun

TEQUILA and I have a love-hate relationship — I love how it makes me feel, but I hate how it tastes.

Kendall Jenner's 818 is not my go-to brand (sorry not sorry), so I decided to try three viral tasting hacks to see which made it easier to consume — and the results surprised me. 

The U.S. Sun previously did a celebrity tequila taste test, with Nick Jonas' Villa One coming out on top and Kendall's brand ranking among the least favorite.

My colleagues described it as "a little too smoky," while I complained of a "weird aftertaste that reminded me of bitters."

I've seen a handful of hacks on social media that supposedly make tequila taste better, so I decided to test them out on the leftover 818 that's been sitting in a drawer for about 11 months.

I collected the tools needed for my personal in-office tequila taste test: a milk frother, a Brita filter, and the ingredients for a baking soda concoction.

Before I tried the alcohol tricks, I took a large swig from a martini glass to familiarize myself with it.

Immediately, I gagged from the harsh taste and almost threw up a little bit in my mouth.

I also pulled a face on camera that I wouldn't be thrilled to see on the internet.

It definitely had a long way to go to taste better than this.

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First up was the frothing technique, which is usually used for mixing milk in coffee and tea.

Over the last few months, TikTokers have turned to at-home frothers to upgrade even your worst-tasting clear liquors.

The barista tool has been praised online for making even the most bitter drinks taste a bit sweeter.

Once I pressed the button with the frother in my cup, the alcohol turned from clear to a mirky gray with bubbles at the top.

I wasn't expecting much when I took that first sip, but I definitely couldn't have guessed that the tequila would suddenly be so sweet.

Unlike before, I could taste the agave that was used to make the drink because the frother aerated it.

But I also noticed that you have to drink it fast or else the sweet flavor disappears, so I think this would be best used for shots when drinking.

A frother could be a really fun party addition for anyone who wants to spend a few seconds upgrading their drinks — sans mixers — to make shots with friends go down smoother.

Next, I tried pouring the tequila through a Brita filter to see if it changed the taste.

Don't worry — the Brita doesn't filter out any alcohol, but it does seem to eliminate the flavor.

After running the drink through and pouring it into my cup, I took a sip and was struck by how it literally tasted like water.

And no, I'm not exaggerating.

The only catch: It only worked this well once. About five minutes after I enjoyed my drink, I ran more tequila through the pitcher to offer to others.

Sadly, some of the magic had worn off — it seemed the alcohol had ruined the filter.

The taste of tequila was definitely back, but at least not quite as strong as it was without the filter.

One of my colleagues who never drinks tequila was able to sip on some without grimacing even a little.

Lastly, I tried a TikTok concoction I stumbled across that consisted of mineral water, baking soda, and salt.

It tests the theory that if you add baking soda to your cocktails, you won't be able to taste the alcohol.

First, I filled up the martini glass halfway with 818, then I sprinkled in about a teaspoon of baking soda.

I added a bit of Himalayan sea salt on top and filled up the remaining space in the glass with Pellegrino.

Long story short? It was nasty.

I didn't taste tequila, but I tasted something else I didn't like, which made me not want to continue drinking it.

Overall, I would say that the Brita filter was the best hack — but be prepared for it to wear out your filter after the first pour as the second rinse didn't taste as non-alcoholic.

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It seemed like a great way to ease yourself into drinking tequila when it's tough to start.

The frother came in second place and would be a good choice for people who still enjoy the taste of tequila but don't want it to be as striking.

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