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AS the temperature outside starts to drop, that annoying condensation build-up on your home’s windows will soon be starting again. 

But one home whizz has come up with a super-simple method of banishing the issue for good – and all you need is a cheap supermarket buy. 

Danni W is a home and lifestyle influencer who regularly shares nifty hacks and hauls with the 38.4k followers on her Instagram account @Danielle_Homelife. 

And in a recent clip, she wowed fans by sharing “the best window condensation hack”. 

Zooming in on a water build-up in her own home, Danni told viewers: “Struggle with this? Keep watching.” 

The cleaning guru then states “all you need… washing up liquid and a cloth”. 

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She opted for Fairy Liquid, but you can of course pick up a cheaper swap should you prefer. 

Danni then told fans to simply wipe a layer of the dish soap along the base of the window where the condensation occurs. 

She then returned three days later to check the results of her simple hack. 

And true enough, the area which she’d applied the washing-up liquid too was completely water-free. 

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She even contrasted it to a separate corner she’d deliberately not touched, to show it was definitely the easy trick saving off condensation. 

“Bathroom windows are the best to do,” she explained, because the room is warmest because of the steam from showers and baths, meaning condensation there is the worst. 

The science behind it is that the product creates a barrier on the glass, which prevents water from sticking and thus there will be no annoying dampness. 

Danni’s clip amassed a whopping 325k views, with fans flocking the comments to share how impressed they were by the nifty trick. 

“So so simple! Never knew this,” one wrote. 

“Ohhh well this is genius,” another added with a hands-clapping emoji. 

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