Patrick Mahomes Reveals Aspirations of Owning an NFL Team Post-Retirement

Hot off the heels of investing in French Alpine F1 team with his teammate Travis Kelce, star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has revealed his aspirations of continuing his business investments into sports teams.

In a press conference hosted by the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this week, Mahomes revealed that he has great interest in one day owning his own NFL team. Mahomes already has two Super Bowl rings and an MVP title. Amongst his accolades as an NFL star, he has made ample investments in other sports teams including being a partial owner of MLB’s Kansas City Royals and MLS’ Sporting Kansas City. He is also an investor in his wife Brittany Mahomes’ soccer team the Kansas City Current, as well as the Miami Pickleball Club. Reporters asked Mahomes if he is currently satisfied with his five investments into sports teams. The QB replied, “Not until I own an NFL team.” He added, “If I can get there, then I might settle down, but they make it pretty tough to get to that spot.”

The Chiefs quarterback cites Tom Brady‘s business ventures to be an inspiration. Brady, who recently bought a stake in the Las Vegas Raiders and also became a minority owner of the WNBA team, Las Vegas Aces (also earning his quickest chip yet sine the team’s championship win), is not only a legend on the field but quite the businessman. Mahomes said, “I think Tom [Brady] is trying to do it right now but that’s definitely where you want to get to because I love this sport and I want to give back in any way possible when I’m done playing.” Brady purchased a partial ownership stake in four professional teams since his retirement in February — Birmingham City FC, the Las Vegas Aces, a Major League Pickleball team and even an electric boat racing team.

Mahomes also shared that he is “always looking around” at investment opportunities, ” mean obviously I can’t do it in the NFL while I’m playing, so I’m always looking around at other sports. It’s hard to get into all sports, NBA and all that different type of stuff, but I’m always keeping my ears open and if they give me an opportunity, I’m going to jump at it.”

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