City Girls Drop Third Album ‘RAW’

Forever repping Miami, Florida, the City Girls are entering a new era with the release of their third album, RAW.

The latest album comes after the Period mixtape that put them on the map, and their subsequent albums Girl Code and City on Lock – the latter of which was released in 2020. Since 2020’s City on Lock, the rap group has released a range of singles including “Face Down,” “Piñata,” “I Need A Thug,” “Good Love,” and more. But even with the singles, fans have awaited another full-length project from the empowering woman group.

With RAW, the City Girls continue their knack for unapologetic lyrics, infectious beats and empowering messages – encouraging everyone to be self-confident and handle business to live their best life. The album is a bold and unfiltered exploration of the City Girls’ journey, both in the music industry and in life. With it, the album is a celebration of their success, resilience and authenticity – dually functioning as an anthem for self-assured women and men.

The 18-track album also includes features from Lil Durk, Muni Long, Juicy J, Usher and Kim Petras. With the artists alongside their unique style, the rap album also includes elements of R&B and pop – only adding to the rich rap sound. The City Girls’ new album RAW is out now on streaming platforms.

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