The Killers Announce Greatest Hits Album 'Rebel Diamonds'

The Killers have announced they will release Rebel Diamonds, a compilation of their greatest hits, on December 8th via EMI.

The compilation will feature a total of 20 songs from across all the studio albums in the band’s discography, from Hot Fuss to Pressure Machine. There will also be a new song, called “Spirit,” which is described as an “anthem ready to be sung at festivals across the world.”

“When You Were Young,” “All These Things That I’ve Done,” “Human,” and “Mr. Brightside” are among the songs set to feature on Rebel Diamonds. “Be Still” and “Dying Breed” are set to make the record as well.

“Be Still” is described by frontman Brandon Flowers as “a dark horse of a Killers Song.” “It’s just resonated with so many people over the years, and it’s even grown in my heart over the years,” he says.

Flowers added that the band intentionally put the spotlight on their “COVID records, so that they could get a light shined on them that maybe wasn’t.” He says he would rate the five tracks from Imploding the Mirage and Pressure Machine among “some of our strongest writing.”

“See it’s been said that what’s remembered lives, and we’ve racked up stadiums full of memories the past 20 years, enough to fill lifetimes. Twenty songs for 20 years – Rebel Diamonds,” Flowers says in a promo clip for the new compilation.

Rebel Diamonds Tracklist:

1. “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine”
2. “Mr. Brightside”
3. “All These Things That I’ve Done”
4. “Somebody Told Me”
5. “When You Were Young”
6. “Read My Mind”
7. “Human”
8. “Spaceman”
9. “A Dustland Fairytale”
10. “Runaways”
11. “Be Still”
12. “The Man”
13. “Caution”
14. “My Own Soul’s Warning”
15. “Dying Breed”
16. “Pressure Machine”
17. “Quiet Town”
18. “boy”
19. “Your Side of Town”
20. “Spirit”

(Photo: Todd Weaver)

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