A Place in the Sun star issues desperate plea for pregnant friend stranded in Spain

A Place In The Sun's Danni Menzies issued a desperate plea to a UK airline to 'get my pregnant pal home' after they got stuck in Mallorca amid the chaos of the air traffic control outage that occurred on Monday, August 28.

The issue caused thousands of flights across the world to be cancelled, with many travellers left stranded in foreign countries and unable to get another flight home for days, if not weeks.

Scottish TV and radio presenter Danni, 31, is one of those people, and she took to Twitter to keep her followers updated with her experience as she waits to find a flight.

She revealed that she and her pregnant friend were due to fly home on Monday, but were left sitting on a plane for five hours before their flight was cancelled.

They are due to attend their best friend's wedding on Friday, but as of now are currently still stuck in Spain.

Danni then made a jokey plea, tweeting: "Anyone with a super yacht in Palma fancy giving us a lift across the pond?"

She then directly implored her airline, British Airways, to allow her heavily pregnant friend to fly back to the UK.

"Good job I’m a regular at under packing and so very good at washing my pants in the sink," she wrote. "Can’t say I’ve ever delivered a baby though. Can you at least get my pregnant pal home @British_Airways."

By Tuesday, August 29, Danni's frustration was increasingly clear to see as she tweeted: "I’ve never experienced anything like this in all my travels! Madness….

"We have two pals on a ferry to Barca where they’ll fly to Paris and then euro star to london. Two on standby cause she’s preg. I’ve booked a flight to Amsterdam Thurs then hopefully back to London."

In yet another tweet, she ranted: "Surely you’d think extra flights would be put on for all the stranded people?!"

As of around 8pm on Tuesday evening, Danni posted a snap from a restaurant, where huge yachts could be seen docked in the background.

She added the words: "Still here," to the Instagram story post.

Danni often shares her life on social media and, in January, she took to Instagram to share the shocking extent of her facial injuries after being hit by a stolen moped in October 2022.

The 31 year old star was knocked unconscious during the horror smash and left with two black eyes, a bloody cut on her eyebrow and a graze running from her nose and across her lip.

Danni shared the images of her injuries to her Instagram story three months after the crash occurred as she wrote: “I don’t want to trigger anyone but wow. I’m only just looking back on what went on a few months ago. Mental.”

She added: “Couldn’t even think about sharing any pics at the time.”

The crash occurred when two females attempted to steal the moped in Battersea, London and drive off with it, before losing control and hitting Danni at a speed of 30mph.

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