We took a 24-hour birthday trip to IBIZA – it was cheaper than London night out and we got back for the school run | The Sun

TWO mums have proven it is possible to do it all, jetting to Ibiza for a midweek blow-out and making it home in time for school drop-off.

And the whole trip cost single mum-of-two Michelle Tocchini and her pal Tanya McElligott, both 38, less than a night out in London.

The Hereford friends left their kids at the school gates on Tuesday, October 17 and caught a Ryanair flight from Stansted that afternoon.

They landed on the White Isle at 7pm and immediately hit the town to celebrate Michelle's birthday, staying out partying until 5am.

Once back at their hotel, they spent the remaining hours before their 5pm return flight baking in Ibiza's 26-degree sun.

Michelle and Tanya arrived home about 11.30pm on Wednesday, October 18 and woke up the next morning ready for the usual busyness, dropping their kids at school then going about their days.

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Overall the trip cost Michelle, a beautician, and Tanya, a hairdresser, just £81 each, including £48 return flights and £33 for a hotel with breakfast.

Michelle said: "Our time was so limited, without much childcare, so it worked really well.

"It was just like going to London for a big night out – but we would have spent more money there without even leaving the UK."

The friends thought they might not get to celebrate Michelle's 38th with a trip away as finding childcare for multiple days proved tricky.

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After reading a news story about a similar 24-hour trip a week out from the big day, they decided to give it a go themselves.

Michelle added: "I do like doing things spontaneously but my hands are tied more because of my children.

"It was amazing and I'd definitely recommend parents give it a go – we're already planning our next trip to Amsterdam!"

With minimal items – just one set of clothes, a toothbrush, and underwear tucked inside a handbag each – they seem to have perfected the art of 24-hour travel.

Getting a cheap bus from Hereford to the airport in Stansted, and calling on loved ones to take care of the kids Tuesday afternoon and night, also helped to keep costs low.

Michelle said: "We stayed out late because we knew we weren't leaving until the evening, so we had the whole next day to relax by the pool.

"Our hotel also served unlimited breakfast until 11.30am which was great."

Next time, the mums want to complete an entire trip in just one day.

Michelle said: "I'm definitely going to do more of these. It works really well being a parent and not being able to leave the kids for long.

"They thought it was cool too. When I told my eldest son I was going for a night in Ibiza he high-fived me and said, 'You only live once!'"

It comes after two women flew to Poland for a 24-hour holiday that was cheaper than a night out in the UK.

Darena Bradshaw, 20, and her best friend Yasmin Lovatt, 26, flew to Krakow for their annual holiday together in August.

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The two friends booked return flights from the UK to Poland for £30 and spent just £5 on their accommodation for the evening.

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