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THE daughter of All Blacks star Richie McCaw hilariously confronted a rude barefoot passenger on a recent flight, with an adorable hand-written message.

The now retired rugby ace was on a flight to France for the Rugby World Cup, with his wife Gemma, who has represented her country at the Olympics in field hockey.

The pair were travelling with their three daughters, four-year-old Charlotte, two-year-old Grace and five-month-old Ella.

The family were unimpressed when a passenger sitting behind them stuck their bare foot up on the armrest of one of their seats.

Gemma shared footage of the offending body part on her Instagram stories, initially asking her followers: "Would everyone be okay with this situation? Or do I say something?"

She then shared another update, adding: "Lovely pedi colour but I think I'll have to put my foot down for this one."

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However, Gemma claimed she didn't want to get involved in a confrontation, leading to daughter Charlotte coming up with her own method.

In a further update, the Olympian showed her young daughter's notepad, in which the child had written a note, saying: "Please put your foot down."

Gemma added: "I don't want to put my foot in it so Charlotte thought of trying this approach."

A lot of people left the family words of support on a photo of them that was shared to Gemma's Instagram before they took off.

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One said: "Have fun and get that person to move their feet arghhh."

Another wrote: "Was this before foot gate? Seriously you held it together so well, your little one should have pushed it off with her elbow."

A third added: "I hope you said something to the foot person, that is disgusting!"

Fortunately the situation on the plane was eventually resolved by a cabin crew member.

In a final video shared to Gemma's stories, she said: "Update on the foot gate.

"Hostess stepped in and asked her to kindly remove her foot from the seat. All is well."

People intruding other people's space with their bare feet is a common issue on planes.

Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant told passengers that they should always tell cabin crew members if they find themselves in that situation.

They said: "Firstly, you should never have your feet out on planes, it's disgusting. The floors are gross, especially in the toilets.

"Secondly, your body parts shouldn't leave the small section of seat that you've paid for.

"There's absolutely no excuse for your feet to be in other people's space.

"If someone's putting their body parts in your space, please tell the flight attendants and we'll absolutely sort it out for you because there's really no excuse."



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Meanwhile, this passenger was branded a hero for getting his revenge on a person putting their feet under his seat.

And this person was shamed for giving herself a full pedicure during a flight.

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