The best city in the UK for roast dinners revealed – with a world-famous cat pub and a Wallace and Gromit attraction | The Sun

THERE are few things better on a Sunday than going out for a big roast dinner.

But, with so many on offer, it can be hard to know where to find the best ones.

Luckily for Brits, research from Idealo looked at which UK areas have the most popular, affordable and varied roasts for dining out.

To do this, they compared the highest-rated venues serving roasts across some of the most populated UK cities. 

Overall, from their research, they declared Bristol to be the best city in the UK for a roast, with the second highest number of Sunday dinner venues, offering both great value and variety.

Of the 135 roasters in the city, there was one that stood out among the others for its affordable average price and range of options.

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Idealo said: "We found Caper and Cure to be the favourite among patrons as it achieved a 4.9 score — the highest score overall from our research.

"This eatery also has the third-most affordable roast, with an average price of £16 from its range. There is also slightly more variety at this pub, with two meat options and one vegetarian available."

Bristol's pubs aren't just full of roast dinners however, with one boozer home to a load of cats.

The Bag of Nails has become more colloquially known as simply the "cat pub" because of its large number of feline residents, 14 to be exact.

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Its website declares it to be the "world-famous" cat pub and claims they only ever serve the best beers, "surrounded by cats. Yes. Quite a lot of them!"

What's more, children aren't allowed in the pub either, so parents can find themselves a quiet spot for a drink among the local moggies, without worrying about their kids annoying other patrons.

In addition to the cats, the pub also has beers on tap from £3 and "a huge vinyl collection and a fantastic atmosphere" according to the pub's owner, Luke Daniels.

He told the Bristol Post: "In my first week of running the pub we got a cat called Malcolm, kind of accidentally.

"He ended up living here and now eight years later we have 14 cats, which is quite silly really. 

"The cats are definitely a draw for many people and we get a lot of what we like to call 'cat tourists'."

Cats aren't the only cuddly characters to be found in Bristol, with a famous dog and his modelling clay owner also hailing from the city.

Aardman animations are based in Bristol and their most famous creation Wallace and Gromit can be seen throughout the city.

Perhaps most intriguingly in their own escape room, named A Grand Way Out after their first film A Grand Day Out, which was released in 1989.

The escape room is one of several at Escaped in a Room.

Escapees must assist Wallace in his bid to save the village science fete by helping him remember the code to his workshop.

To do this, they have to "don the Memory-O-Matic helmet" and take a trip down memory lane, before it’s too late.

The attraction takes visitors "through a selection of classic Wallace & Gromit moments, challenging teams to work together to solve puzzles and help jog Wallace’s memory".

One visitor said of the escape room: "Great fun, lovely production values, ingenious puzzles."

Another wrote: "The Wallace and Gromit escape room was fantastic, well worth a visit. We were in Bristol for the weekend and it was one of our highlights."

A third added: "A grand way out was so clever and packed with references to the Wallace and Gromit films. We really enjoyed it."

Meanwhile, Idealo's research also revealed which cities had the cheapest roast dinners, with Sheffield and Liverpool taking that title.

Both had roasts available for under £16.

Meanwhile, the most varied roasts can be found in Newcastle and the prettiest ones were found in Leeds, with restaurant Ox Club receiving the most likes on Instagram photos of their dinners.

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