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AN AIRPORT security worker has revealed the three most annoying travellers at airport security.

From bringing banned items to being overdressed – there are many ways people can be irritating while travelling.

Eric Guthier, from Transport Security Administration, has lifted the lid on the types of bad fliers he faces regularly.

He said passengers who ignore the rules about which items are allowed to take on the flight are the worst offenders.

Mr Guthier referred to these people as 'rule breakers'.

Eric told Travel & Leisure that ignoring the strict regulations can cause disruption for other passengers and irritate workers.



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The TSA official explained: "More bag searches [mean] slower lines for everyone."

Banned items include pocket knives, bottle openers and water bottles larger than allowed.

These can slow the whole queue down with bag searches.

He added: "Travellers taking a few minutes to methodically go over what they have in their bags would go a long way toward ensuring they have maximum efficiency in getting through the checkpoint."

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The second most annoying traveller is the one who flies with faulty luggage.

Broken or full suitcases can cause havoc and delays during checkpoints.

Eric said: "[Those with] missing zipper tabs may cause problems."

He recommends using sip ties as temporary pull tabs to avoid the mishap.

Another problematic group is overdressed travellers – as they can take more time than normal to take off their shoes and belts to get through the scanners.

The security expert explained: "Shoes or boots with lots of laces slow people down prior to the X-ray screening.

"And shirts and pants with elaborate decorations (such as sequins) may make secondary screening more likely."

Instead, travellers can wear more comfortable clothes that are easy to take off.

It comes as the most annoying air travel behaviours have been revealed by a survey.

With passengers airing their frustrations at the likes of people who hog armrests, those who remove their shoes and others.

The study of 2,000 flyers highlighted the biggest bugbears when travelling by plane, with people annoying one another in the air in many different ways.

Meanwhile, a man has slammed the "most annoying" passengers at the airport – but no-one agrees with him.

In recent years, the term "gate lice" has been slowly gaining momentum on social media.

And one person took to Reddit to anonymously vent about air passengers who swarm the boarding gates before their seats are called.

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