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A TRAVEL expert has revealed how she uses a £1.25 travel item to both save space in her luggage and help her get to sleep during long flights.

Packing and getting comfortable on planes are two of the most stressful parts of going on holiday – but there could be a single solution to both problems.

A lot of people nowadays swear by packing cubes to help make packing easier.

The cubes save space in suitcases and prevent people from overpacking, while also making it much easier for them to organise their belongings.

However, travel reporter Joey Hadden explained how she has found another practical use for her cubes.

She explained that she always uses the cubes, even if she's only travelling with hand luggage.

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However, hers also double up as pillows when she's struggling to get comfortable on long journeys.

She wrote in Insider: "I always travel with packing cubes to save space in my bag, but I recently learned they serve another purpose as a pillow when I'm travelling on overnight trains and red-eye flights.

"I fill the cubes with clothing so I can fit as many outfits as possible into my luggage.

"As I tried to get comfortable in a reclining chair on an overnight train, I had an epiphany: What if I pull the packing cube out of my backpack to rest my head on?"

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An eight piece collection of the cubes can be bought on Amazon from £9.99, or £1.25 per cube.

The Estefanlo collection has an overall score of 4.2/5 from those who have bought them before.

One previous purchaser said: "Much neater and easy to unpack and find items without pulling everything out or the suitcase."

Another wrote: "They are great for going away , they can go straight from your suitcase to draws no need to unpack."

A third added: "Not sure how I lived without these previously."

However, using them as a pillow seems to have been Joey's own bright idea.

Other travellers have previously reversed her trick, by using a pillow or a cushion as a way to get extra luggage onto their flights.

One of those was Tiktoker @freiavl.

In a video she showed how she removed the insides from her pillow and filled it with extra clothing, which she then took on a budget airline flight, without paying for another piece of hand luggage.

TikTok user roadbunnies also shared footage of her trying the trick in a video captioned "when you booked flights with Ryanair".

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Meanwhile, this travel pro showed how to fit a week's worth of clothing into hand luggage.

And Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant explained why cabin crew aren't necessarily bothered by Tiktok packing hacks.

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