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EVERY time I meet someone new and they find out I'm a flight attendant, I get asked the same question: "Where's the best place you've been to?"

People are usually shocked when I tell them my answer – they're expecting it to be somewhere tropical like the Maldives, or Thailand.

But for me, nowhere can hold a candle to the UK – it's the perfect place to holiday and I think Brits don't realise how lucky they are.

In this week's blog for Sun Online Travel I'll reveal why I think it's better to stay at home that to go away – and why most Brits don't appreciate what they have.

Being in my job, you tend to get a bit sick of spending so much time on planes and when there's so much to explore at home, I find it better to not go abroad at all.

Even with my heavily discounted staff rates, flights can be really expensive, so it's better to keep that cash and put it towards some unique accommodation somewhere and make the most of what's on offer nearby.

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Among my favourite places are northern Scotland, the Lake District and historic cities like Bath and York.

Earlier this year I stayed in a log cabin in Sherwood Forest, it had an outdoor hot tub and was nestled among the trees, surrounded by nature.

People travel far and wide for experiences like that, but for us, it's right on our doorsteps, relatively speaking.

One of my favourite aspects of my job is hearing tourists speaking fondly about the UK on their flights back to their home countries.

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Americans in particular are amazed by how beautiful parts of the UK are.

I've had several conversations with people on their way back to their homes in the States after a holiday to the UK where they've told me how fortunate I am to be near so many amazing sights.

And they're completely right.

I've been flying all over the world for a living for the past decade now and I've been to cities, countryside and beaches here, there and everywhere.

From my vast experience, I can safely say that the UK has places that match them all, and then some.

During the summer, the beaches in the South West, and even the North East, can rival those in places people pay thousands to reach.

Meanwhile Scotland, the Lake District and the Peak District have some amazing landscapes that are much better than those in other countries.

When it comes to cities, ours have a unique feel to them that you don't tend to get in other countries.

A lot of cities across Europe and America are pretty similar to one another and you could really just be anywhere.

But each different place in the UK has its own blend of character, local history and sights that make them distinctive from one another.

You can tell whether you're in Bath or in Brighton, while places in other countries are a lot less distinctive.

What's more, travelling back home is a far less stressful prospect when holidaying in the UK.

It's sometimes just a short drive or a pleasant train journey, which is always much nicer than a long-haul flight.

There's not adjusting to different time zones, no cramped economy class plane cabins for hours on end and certainly no waiting around in airports for luggage.

I always hate having to do that, especially at the end of a holiday and I'm never sure why people are in such a hurry to put themselves through it.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I've seen some amazing places across the planet.

But every time I see row after row of angry holidaymakers board a flight back home, I can't help but think about how they wouldn't be feeling like that if they'd just stayed in the UK.

They could already be at home, with a cup of tea in hand, their washing in the machine and not worrying at all about getting home from an airport.

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