It's official – you can save more than 25% on flights by booking on certain days of the week | The Sun

PASSENGERS could save almost a quarter of the price of their flight tickets, if they just wait for a couple of days to buy them.

That's according to travel booking site, Expedia, following the completion of its 2024 Air Travel Hacks Report.

The findings showed that people booking flights on Sundays could get their airfare as much as 23 per cent cheaper than if the tickets were booked on a Friday.

The report looks at ways in which Brits can save money and avoid stress and reveals hacks for booking future holidays.

As well as looking at the best day to book flights, Expedia also explained how how far in advance tickets should be booked and which flights are most likely to avoid cancellations.

When looking for cheap travel, the best time to book is 112-132 days in advance.

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A lot of people think that buying a long time before flying will cut costs, but the data shows that booking flights six months ahead will be just as expensive as waiting until the very last moment.

Around the four-month mark is the best time to book to get flights at their best price, it turns out.

Picking the right day to fly can also save money, with Friday and Sunday switching roles.

Journeys that take off on a Friday, the cheapest day overall, can be as much as 26 per cent cheaper than flying on Sunday, the most expensive day to fly on average.

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Meanwhile, booking flights between 9am and 3pm means passengers are more likely to take off on time, if at all.

Flights booked later in the day are more susceptible to the knock-on effects of earlier cancellations, whereas those taking off in the morning have fewer problems.

As many as four per cent more flights are cancelled after 3pm.

The time of year also makes a big difference, and few will be surprised to learn that flying in January will five people the best chance of avoiding delays and cancellations.

Expedia also recommended using price-saving tools to cut costs, such as the price-tracking feature on their own website.

Google Flights also offers a similar service.

The tips could relieve some holiday planning stress for some passengers, with the company also finding out that almost half of people find air travel more daunting than doing their taxes.

From a survey of 2,000 UK flyers, 49 per cent said air travel was as nerve-wracking as doing taxes, making small talk or a flooded email inbox.

Melanie Fish, spokesperson for Expedia Group, said: “No way should people rather do their taxes than go on a trip, so thank goodness a lot of the things causing travel-related stress are getting better.

“Fewer flights are being cancelled and technology is helping with tools in the Expedia app like Price Tracking that make the whole booking and flying journey smoother.”



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