Hotel guest left stunned after group 'pull out Tupperware' during breakfast buffet – but people are split | The Sun

HOTEL guests were left stunned after a group "pulled out Tupperware" during a breakfast buffet.

One man took to Reddit to share his shock when he witnessed fellow holidaymakers pack up their lunch with food that was put out by the staff.

The traveller was spending a few nights away with pals recently when they headed down to the restaurant before starting their day.

As they were halfway through eating, a group staying in the same hotel started pulling out plastic containers and filling them with food that was still left out.

The Reddit user claimed they were stock piling for their lunch so they wouldn't have to pay for food throughout the day.

He said: "The other day I stayed in a hotel with friends. We had the hotel breakfast buffet.


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"To my big surprise, half way through the meal they pulled out Tupperware boxes and started making lunch.

"I was completely surprised. Yes, the buffet was expensive, but this felt like 'cheating' to me.

"What is the etiquette here? Is this a normal thing to do?"

The post gained thousands of people's attention – who seemed split by the guests' actions.

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One person who works in a hotel said they would much rather someone take extra food than it be thrown away.

They commented: "As someone who has worked in plenty of hotels with breakfast buffets, the shit we throw away is insane, I'd rather somebody take it than we throw it away."

Another added: "I mean, if I can get away with it I will. Not really high up on my list of ethical issues."

A third said: "Technically it’s wrong but I always load up extras from the complimentary breakfast at a hotel to snack on through the day."

However, some were divided and thought it was completely out of order.

One person said: "At first I was just thinking they were at a free continental breakfast like a lot of hotels but if it was paid for, no this is not generally accepted.

"You don’t take free to-go plates at a paid buffet."

A second agreed: "A bit of bread or some fruit is fine to me, but you don't take an entire supply for your lunch."


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