Father's unusual trick to keep baby occupied on flight divides opinion

Father’s unusual trick to keep his baby occupied on a flight divides opinion

  • A father is captured on a London flight allowing his child to crawl an empty aisle 
  • The tactic to calm the restless baby sparks debate as people are left ‘cringing’ 
  • Others insist the father is ‘smart’ for keeping ‘the kid quiet’ around passengers 

There can be nothing worse than the piercing screams of a restless child aboard a busy passenger plane…

And yet one father’s innovative tactic to keep his baby boy blissfully distracted and quiet on a London-bound flight has still managed to divide opinion. 

Posted by Darcey – also known as @darceomatic – on TikTok, a video shows a man attempting to keep his child entertained during the flight. 

The video, uploaded in October 2022, has since amassed almost two million views, over 172,000 likes and over 1700 comments from viewers who were impressed or concerned at this somewhat innovative parenting style. 

In the footage, titled, “Parenting seen on a recent London flight,” the father can be seen sat upright on an aisle seat while the youngster crawls on the floor next to him.

Dangling his left hand, the father allows the boy to crawl a length of the vacant aisle – before pulling him by the trousers back to his seat for the child to scale the aisle again. 

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A parent has sparked an online debate after being captured using an innovative tactic to occupy their young child while on a London flight 

Each moment the toddler escapes his father’s grip and begins to crawl beyond arm’s reach, the man pulls him back once more, before letting him go. 

The child zooms down the aisle at a lighting speed, but not without being sharply recovered by a parent accustomed to their toddler disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye.

In the 35-second video, the father and child repeat the maneuvere a number of times, leading commenters to believe that the technique was performed throughout the flight to occupy and calm the restless child.  

The carpeted aisle serves as a seemingly safe, soft platform for the child to play and roam around on – but, not according to some individuals who deem the floor ‘dirty’ and ‘full of germs.’ 

Triggered by the child crawling and being pulled back while his hands were firmly on the carpeted floor, some of the TikTok community ‘cringed’ at the father’s lack of concern over potential germs.

One user commented, ‘My OCD is overwhelming. Germs,’ while another said, ‘Me thinking about all the dirt that must be on that floor.’

Another person wrote, ‘People walking up and down what about his hands,’ while a fourth said, ‘Consider the fact that the carpet is full of nasty germs from the bottom of people’s shows. Thanks Dad.’

A fifth individual said: ‘I just can’t help but think of the dirty carpet and cringing. They barely clean those aircrafts.’ 

Dangling his left hand, the father allows the toddler to crawl a length of the vacant aisle – before pulling him by the trousers back to his seat for the child to scale the aisle again

Over 1700 comments were left from viewers who were left either impressed by the father’s quick thinking or concerned with the child coming into contact with germs

Other individuals, however, praised the father for his almost-effortless “parenting hack” for those aboard planes with toddlers.

One person wrote, ‘Pretty smart. Keeps the kid happy and quiet,’ while another said, ‘That’s excellent parenting haha.’

A third commented, ‘He’s tiring that baby, he’s actually quite a smart parent,’ while a fourth individual wrote, ‘Well at least he is quiet and having fun. Everyone would soon be whinging if he was screaming.’

This comes after a furious plane passenger blasted a mother for changing her ‘screaming’ son’s nappy at her seat in October.

The furious traveler took to Reddit to recount her ‘awful’ experience, leaving many users calling out the mother’s faux pas and others advocating for child-free flights.

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