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THE River Thames stretches out below me, curling around London's famous buildings.

In front of us, the sun is setting, making the capital sparkle as we hover above. I'm in a helicopter – a dream I've had since childhood, after watching countless blockbuster films, that is finally being fulfilled.

Sure, I'm not dangling off the side like Drew Barrymore in Charlie's Angels, or scrambling through the jungle to the safety of the chopper like Arnie in Predator, but I'm loving it.

I never thought I'd get to ride in a helicopter, if I'm honest – it always seemed so far-fetched.

But after spotting a helicopter circling above my office one day, I decided to look into it and was stunned at just how easy it appeared to be to organise a flight around London with Wingly.

The website is almost like the Airbnb for helicopters. You simply plug in your details and where you're hoping to explore and Wingly will connect you with a private pilot.

The first flight-sharing platform in Europe, it can cost anywhere from £150 to explore the skies – you are only charged to cover your share of the flight.

And so, on a crisp Friday night, my husband and I head to Denham Aerodrome.

It's a 30-minute walk, or ten minutes in a taxi, to the airfield from Denham station, or there's car parking on site.

On arrival we are confronted by dozens of choppers before being greeted by pilot, Tony. A true helicopter enthusiast, his love of flying is quickly apparent as he reveals he spends about 150 hours a year in the air. And so we feel truly in safe hands as we are shown to the glittering blue helicopter – an R66 – that will take us on an hour-long tour of London.

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Before we know it, we're strapped in, the helicopter buzzing with excitement.

We fly at an average of 1,175ft over the airfield, heading east until we make our way to the Olympic stadium.

The height is perfect – just enough to see amazing details of a tiny dog walker below or drivers hopping into their cars, while being shown a completely different angle of our city. It doesn't feel too fast until Tony informs us we are flying at an average speed of 127mph – and my eyes feel like they are going to fall out of my head as I desperately try to take in all the sights.

There's Arsenal Stadium! There's the river path I run along. And The Shard!

I can't stop pointing out landmarks, and my phone is immediately filled with hundreds of snaps.

A highlight is being able to look over Heathrow airport. It was a truly unique perspective seeing the planes all lined up below us.

Throughout the flight, Tony regales us with stories of his own helicopter adventures, tempting us to book another flight to hop over to Paris on a chopper for a long weekend.

The experience is all over too soon but I'm buzzing with adrenaline.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger says: "Get to the chopper." You've got nothing to lose.

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