Woman stands on street with cardboard sign to get dates

Tired of dating apps and the myriad ways virtual communications kill off real-life romance?

Rather than continuing to dejectedly swipe with no success, Karolina Getis decided to do something about her frustration with virtual matchmaking, taking matters quite literally into her own hands.

The 29-year-old said she no longer wanted to ‘waste time on dating apps’, and had joked with friends that she’d rather stand on the street with a sign than go through the rigmarole of meeting a partner online.

Yet the idea struck a chord with Karolina, and she made a plan to turn her quip into a reality with with a placard that showed off her single status.

The model hit the streets of New York City earlier this month holding a cardboard sign which read ‘looking for a husband’.

It also featured her Instagram handle, so any interested parties could contact her on social media if they weren’t brave enough to do so in person.

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Karolina received all sorts of attention through pulling the stunt, with onlookers smiling and taking photos.

One man was even dragged away by his partner after staring a little too long at the inventive singleton, who has previously done similar with signs bearing slogans like ‘need money for Chanel.’

The daring attitude paid off, too, as Karolina was swept off her feet by someone who she’s kept in contact with since.

The influencer said: ‘One guy at the end saw the sign and came and picked me up – I’m now in touch with him and we’re chatting with each other.

‘We’ll see what happens in the future. At the moment we are just talking.’

Speaking about her bold approach for getting what she wants, Karolina added: ‘These things give me so much energy and people’s reactions are always positive – I love doing it.

‘I do it to get out of my comfort zone – people were in shock on the street but always saying “go girl, find your husband”.

‘The funniest thing is when I am doing it, I’m usually I’m holding the sign and I don’t see the reactions until my videographer shows me.’

After the Chanel sign was a success, landing her a pot of cash which she plans to spend on a designer handbag from the brand, she’s a big advocate for the unique method.

‘If you ask correctly, everything will come to you,’ said Karoline. ‘And if you need something just make a sign.’

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