Top 10 Baby Safety Tips

As people become parents, they begin to notice that the world is hazardous for the baby. Almost everything can be dangerous: small objects, chemicals, edges, and more.

We have collected some handy tips to help you ensure the safety of your children.

1. Take Care of the Window and Door Alarm

Try to place some alarms on locks, latches, and door handles to ensure the safety of your curious baby. A basic set of wireless alarms for controlling window and door openings costs around $10.

2. Store Detergents on Top Shelves

If there is a baby at home, ensure chemical detergents are out of the reach – either on a high shelf or in a locked closet. This rule applies to all chemicals that your baby can swallow by accident. Especially mind the ones that are packed in bright and colorful boxes and bottles.

3. Do Not Leave the Child Alone with the Dog

No matter how much we love and trust our dog, one should never leave a small baby alone with a pet. Even the most well-trained dog can bite a child if he/she pulls its hair or tries to grab food from the pet’s mouth.

4. Safety in the Sun

Small children of all skin colors are at risk of sunburn if they stay in the sun for too long. It is vital to limit babies’ sun activity and always use sunscreens with a high SPF level.

5. Do Not Forget a Child Safety Gate

It is necessary to prevent any fall-related injuries. In fact, more than 8000 children suffer from such injuries every year. It only takes a moment for your child to reach the stairs when you look away.

Block access to the staircase with baby gates. The best baby gates for stairs would protect your little one from the possible risk of falling.

6. Do Not Leave Your Child Unattended in the Water

Drowning is still among the top five most common causes of death from accidents in the United States. About 20% of drowning victims are children. You should never leave your child unattended near water.

7. Do Not Leave Your Child Alone in the Car

Every summer, we hear n parents who left their babies in the car under the hot sun. This often leads to unfortunate results. Always take your child out of the car, even if you are only leaving for a few minutes!

8. Make Sure There are No Sharp Objects

Always observe if your child is playing with something sharp. (Keep in mind, even a small pencil can be dangerous.) It is better to remove all sharp objects from the child’s sight.

9. Secure the Electrical Outlets

Little children tend to develop their motor skills by putting things into the nooks and crannies. Don’t waste any time; install the special baby proof plugs or caps for outlets in advance.

10. Prevent Pointed Corner Trauma

Soften up the dangerous places of your home. Mind any sharp edges of the tables, couches, and window sills. Pad your furniture to make the space both cute and safe for your baby.