Shoppers are ditching their central heating for this affordable £30 hooded blanket

As the colder months roll around, plenty of us are feeling the pinch when it comes to our energy bills.

With the gas and electricity prices continuing to go up, having to choose when and how long you put your heating on means more time spent feeling the cold, even when you’re trying to relax at home.

However, Amazon shoppers have found the perfect solution, as they say it’s helped them cut back on their heating costs – and it’ll only set you back £30.

They’ve been snapping up the Oversized Long Blanket Hoodie, £29.99 here (was £39.99), to wear around the house to help keep the cold at bay and cut back on their energy bills, and it seems to have worked a treat.

The Oversized Long Blanket Hoodie, £29.99 here (was £39.99), is made with a soft touch fleece front and a plush 260GSM fluffy sherpa lining that helps trap in the heat and keeps you cosy and warm.

Its long length and oversized fit mean you’re basically wearing a giant, snuggly blanket, whilst its long sleeves and hood will keep you warm from head to toe – or head to shin, at least. It also has a handy front pouch pocket, just like a regular hoodie, so you can either warm your hands in it, or use it to keep things like your phone and TV remotes to hand.

Available in a whole plethora of colours, including pink, navy, black and red, the hoodie comes in a ‘one size fits most’ sizing thanks to its dramatic oversized design.

Thanks to how cosy and warm it is, Amazon shoppers have been raving about how much money the Oversized Long Blanket Hoodie, £29.99 here (was £39.99), saved them when it comes to their heating bills, with one saying: “In my case this is a massive money saver,” whilst another said: “I got it for helping during days working from home to prevent the heating going on during these cold days and what a difference it makes.”

Another wrote: “It will help me cut my heating hours back,’ whilst someone else said: “‘I wear it around the house all the time which helps cut down the heating bills. Great for working at home.”

Plenty of others have also mentioned how much money it will save them on their heating bills, making it the perfect purchase to help keep your energy bills within budget this autumn/winter.

There are also plenty of other options on Amazon to keep you cosy and warm at home, including this Winthome Oversized Sherpa Blanket Hoodie, £27.99 here (was £34.99), which is available in two different lengths; a short length or full length one.

You can also level up your cosiness with the Sienna Heated Oversized Blanket Hoodie, £33.99 here, which not only has the thick, fluffy lining of the others, but also has an electric heating pad inside that helps add some extra warmth to your blanket hoodie.

Whether you go for the extra heated option or keep it simple with the Oversized Long Blanket Hoodie, £29.99 here (was £39.99), one thing’s for sure – blanket hoodies are the secret to keeping your energy bills low this winter.

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