‘Radical face surgery almost killed me – but there was an unexpected bonus’

Trans porn star Emma Rose has undergone a number of gruelling – and expensive – surgeries in her bid to achieve her perfect body. But one operation came close to killing her, she says.

“I started my transition in 2017,” she explains to podcaster Holly Randall. “I had my my butt done in 2020 my face done in 2021 and my t**s done in 2022 so I waited like three full years to get a major surgery.”

It was the facial surgery to sculpt her jaw , she says, that proved to be the most dangerous, even though in the end it provided an unexpected benefit.

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“Two weeks afterwards I was getting swelling and I thought I was maybe eating too much salt, “ she said. But it turned out that the swelling was a symptom of a severe bacterial infection where the surgeon had sliced into her jaw.

“My face got so big – I was trying to sleep and I had a hoodie on, I had sweats on, I had a blanket and I was shivering cold.” After Emma’s vision started to blur, she realised she was in trouble and she took herself to hospital.

At the time, hospitals were following strict covid prevention rules but Emma’s face was so swollen from sepsis that she couldn’t fit a mask over it. “The doctor told me ‘if you’d gone to sleep you probably wouldn’t have woken up’.”

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The first doctor Emma saw, in Las Vegas, wanted to perform emergency surgery on her that would have left her with severe facial scarring. Instead, she jetted over to San Francisco to see the doctor that had performed the original procedure.

He prescribed powerful antibiotics to kill off the bacteria that were breeding in the sites where tubes had been placed after her original surgery.”It was so gross,” Emma says, “because the antibiotics were killing it and it started gushing out of my mouth – it was just thick chunky pus.”

But the harrowing experience had an unexpected upside: “I had my surgery, and then no food and water for 4 days. I had just an IV drip and antibiotics and honestly that cured my lactose intolerance.

“I used to be lactose intolerant, I literally couldn't eat pizza. But since it just killed my whole gut flora, everything in my stomach, now I can drink milk, eat cheese, it literally cured my lactose intolerance – that was the silver lining.”

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