Optical illusion is ‘so true’ at showing if you are highly logical or not

This fun personality test has been branded “so true” online for its ability to reveal someone’s greatest strength but also one of their biggest weaknesses.

All the viewer has to do is look at the optical illusion and decide what the first thing they notice about the picture is, which should either be a white tree with leaves or two black side-profile faces.

Depending on what the viewer sees, this strange brainteaser should reveal if you are a highly logical person or someone who is better at dealing with people.

The picture was first shared in a video by the optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has gained a following online through her psychological pictures which promise to pinpoint your personality traits.

In Mia’s video comment section, people have highly praised her for her latest illusion. One person commented: “Oh my God this was so true for me!” while another user wrote: “This [videos] always make my day, this was really accurate, thank you.”

Two Faces

If you first saw the faces, then you are someone who is quite logical and sensible when it comes to solving everyday problems. You have a reputation for being someone others can depend on and being trustworthy. Your loved ones admire your reliability, kindness and brilliant mind. You are always someone who can look at the bigger picture when developing your own opinions and ideas.

However, you can often hold yourself back in life by being underconfident or self-conscious. You worry about what other people think of you, which can sometimes stop you from expressing your thoughts or achieving what you really want in life.

Mia said: “You are a master problem solver. When faced with a challenge, you are able to find practical and innovative solutions. However, often your fear of looking stupid or being embarrassed holds you back from achieving your full potential.”

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If you first saw the tree, then you are someone who is very good with people. You can easily read others which makes it easy for you to avoid untrustworthy people and develop friendships with people you can depend on. Your intuition means you find it easy to avoid dramatic or gossipy people, which has helped you build a reputation of being someone easy to get along with and charismatic.

However, you have been able to develop this ability as you can sometimes find it difficult to trust other people. You are someone who takes a while to open up and get close to someone due to being hurt in the past. This can sometimes lead to you missing out on meeting new people or developing certain friendships, but when you are able trust someone people find you to be a very loyal and generous person to have in their life.

Mia said: “It’s like you’ve got a built-in lie detector. You can easily sniff out when someone’s not being honest with you. Instead of confronting them directly though, you prefer to create some distance. You also like to keep your emotions guarded so others can’t use your vulnerabilities against you. “

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