‘I’ve gone makeup free like Pamela Anderson – people think I look so sexy’

Pamela Anderson has started a new beauty trend – and influencers have been quick to try the look too.

The Baywatch icon hit the headlines when she turned up to Paris Fashion Week completely make-up free, and she absolutely rocked it. People were left in awe as she showed that natural beauty always shines.

Now a body positive influencer has told people she's following suit, and her over 740,000 Instagram followers can't get enough of the look. They think she looks "sexy" when she bares all.

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Ariella Nyssa is known for flaunting her fabulous curves in sexy outfits, but now she's placing focus on her natural glow. She recently told her followers: "I’ve been loving no makeup at the moment. It feels incredible to be comfortable in my own skin. Do you go makeup free?"

She also shared some snaps of herself donning the toned down look, and she wore a nude underwear set as she smiled for the camera. The blonde beauty showed off her tum in a crop top as she posed looking super candid and tanned.

Ariella really did glow as she embraced her natural beauty, and flaunted her curvy bod. People have been left in awe of the snaps – and think she looked totally beautiful.

More than 7,000 people have liked the pictures since she shared them, with several of her followers commenting too. She's been dubbed "stunning" by dedicated fans.

One person said: "I can't even describe how sexy and gorgeous you are." Another commented: "You don't need makeup."

A third replied: "The most beautiful human." Meanwhile, a fourth chirped in: "You should always stay makeup free. Natural beauty."

People love Ariella's content because she works to promote real, authentic bodies. In her pictures she sits naturally, which means you're seeing what her body really looks like. She doesn't suck in, edit her photos or make herself look leaner.

Instead, she shows off her natural bod and highlights where her tummy naturally creases and rolls. Now she's added her stripped back face into the mix too.

In a previous post, Ariella said: "How beautiful are our lumps and bumps? Honestly one of my favourite parts of a women’s body. Something we are forced to hate, something we are forced to be ashamed of. But… when you really look. And I mean REALLY look.. they are just the most beautiful forms of art."

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