I've become a millionaire… and I've not even told my WIFE

I’ve become a millionaire… and I’ve not even told my WIFE

  • A 33-year-old anonymous man has admitted to keeping his riches from his wife
  • After revealing the secret, he asked people online: ‘Am I the a***hole?’ 

We have all wondered what we would do if we became a millionaire overnight, and who we would tell first.

Many lottery winners choose to remain anonymous, or encourage others to, to avoid identity theft or pressure to spend the money in various ways from various people.

But would you go so far as to not even tell your spouse that you had become a millionaire? This is what one anonymous Reddit user has admitted to.

The 33-year-old man asked the AITA (am I the a***hole?) subreddit: ‘AITA for not telling anyone (including my wife) about it so far?

‘I’ve been self employed for 10 years this year, I also started an LLC about 7 years ago. So far this year I’ve made more money than the last 10 years combined.’

We have all wondered what we would do if we became a millionaire overnight, and who we would tell first

The anonymous poster explained that he had been thinking about this moment for many years.

He told the tragic story of growing up in hardship and his mother passing away when he was just 10-years-old, leading him to be brought up by his grandmother from then.

‘I told her about 2 years ago that I would be a millionaire before she leaves this earth and she said not to tell anyone if I ever did,’ he continued.

Having reached the milestone this year, he has followed his grandmother’s advice, keeping a low profile by not making any ‘major purchases’.

He did say that he tries to treat the people close to him when he can – picking up the bill when he is out with friends and family, for example.

But those acts of kindness did not completely absolve the user of guilt for not telling his wife in the eyes of many commenters.

‘I mean I was with you until you said your wife didn’t know,’ one said.

Another added: ‘Probably should tell your wife… If that’s not something you are comfortable sharing you shouldn’t be married.’

Some even cited the logistical reasons why the 33-year-old should tell his wife the good news, if the money and business are her marital assets.

‘Please don’t keep your wife in the dark,’ said one, ‘she needs to go WITH YOU to an attorney to do estate planning.’

But foreseeing this, the original writer implied the financial uplift would be kept as a surprise for his wife to find out herself: ‘She’ll eventually know, we file taxes jointly. 

‘I know this sounds weird but if she see’s the numbers on our taxes she’ll be super excited.’

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