Influencer shows ‘glow-up transformation’ secret using one product on hair

An influencer shared his "glow-up tip" using one product to transform himself from looking like a boy to an attractive young man.

TikToker "scxved" explained that there is a simple haircare routine to immediately turn an average man into a man of class and style and it doesn't break a bank to achieve the well-groomed style.

The first step is to get a haircut that's easy to style yet low-maintenance and presentable. For example, a quiff adds volume to the hair and a side part makes any man look chic.

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There is also one in men's style for hair that looks like you just got out of bed and that's the mid-length hair look just like the TikToker.

In his series of "glow up tips" videos, he shared an easy way to give natural curls to the flat and messy hair.

"Use sea salt spray to hair and use it after shower," he said and added pictures of men using Murdock Sea Salt Spray.

One barber explained on TikTok why a sea salt spray is good for styling, detailing: "It can be used as a pre-styler for extra hold and volume, perfect for low-effect styling.

"Just add a few sprays to increase hair texture and volume. You can also use to refresh your hair after a few days of not washing it to bring back some texture."

Another man said the sea salt spray is his "secret to get curly hair".

One user who have tested different brands for sea salt spray shared his thoughts on picking the best. He tried Murdock Sea Salt Spray, Bondi Boost Sea Salt Spray and also Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray.

The best one, in his opinion, is Bondi Boost. He explained: "The sea salt spray gives me volume and texutre and it holds all day without needing to top up.

"It's not sticky and it doesn't not give a 'wet look' texture. For £21, a similar price to Murdock, the Bondi Boost sea salt spray works perfect.

"The Murdock bottle design is stylish and also travel friendly. But the sea salt spray does not hold volume under hot weather."

The budget alternative that he recommended is Slick Gorilla sea salt spray. Priced at £12.95 for 200ml, it performs the same as the other two "premium" brand.

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