‘I’m a size 18 with B-shaped belly and skinny legs – it’s a family curse’

A plus size woman revealed that her top heavy proportions are a 'family curse'.

Curvy content creator Lindsey often posts body positive clips to her 51,000 TikTok followers.

The self-proclaimed "B Belly Bestie" aims to help other woman with the letter-shaped frame overcome issues surrounding the likes of style and intimacy.

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And in a recent clip, the brunette beauty shared that her figure is the result of genetics.

Lindsey admitted every woman in her family have a B-shaped belly and slender legs.

In the viral video, the size 18 social media star rocked a white top with a quaint bow detail and black floral skirt.

"Point of view: the B belly and skinny legs is the family curse," she said.

"Thanks mum."

She flashed her thin pins as she lip synced to an audio to the clip that said: "And my mum, thank you to my mum."

"I told no lies," she reiterated in the caption.

"Every woman in my family has this B-belly and skinny legs.

"Still cute though."

It turns out that Lindsey isn't the only one to have inherited their top heavy body proportions.

Many women took to the comments to relate to the plus size content creator.

One person commented: "This is my body!

"I’ve always said I’m a potato with toothpicks!"

Another user added: "Omg. We are the same."

While a third related: "Same.

"I have a hell of a time finding anything I like wearing."

Someone else shared: "I call myself an AirPod."

Meanwhile, a fifth expressed: "I love seeing this!

"I am a much smaller size but also have this weight distribution that is really hard to accept sometimes.

"We love to see it!"

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