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A PROPERTY expert has revealed an easy way to remove condensation from your windows in the morning.

If left untreated, condensation could quickly turn into mould and pose a threat to your health.

A property expert TikTok account – @thatpropertyguy – said in a video: "A lot of people are saying that they always get condensation on one window in the morning.

"I guarantee it's going to be your bedroom window. Overnight the moisture from your breath is going to collect on the cold surface of the window."

While cooking, try to use lids on pots and pans as much as possible to eliminate any moisture that may enter the home.

It can also help to wipe condensation as soon as you see it – otherwise, the window sill may warp overtime.



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To limit condensation, he said open a window or get a dehumidifier, but many also commented their own tips underneath his video.

One said: "Most windows will have vents at the top or bottom. They should always be open.

"It allows for passive ventilation and stops condensation."

Another said: "Triple glaze option is best for replacement windows."

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A third said: "Get some humidity loving plants. It helps."

Earlier this month a mum living in a humid house revealed a cheap trick to get rid of mould.

Amy said: “So we’ve got a very humid house and humidity in a house means mould nearly all the time. I see it again and again and I’ve had complaints from friends on Facebook saying I've got mould in my house. How do I get rid of it?”

She said: “In this house we don’t [have mould] because I’m on top of it but also we don’t have a bad drainage system.

She continued: “So I’ll tell you what I use… it's basically rubbing alcohol, it's 99% and this stuff is lethal on mould.”

You can buy a 500ml bottle of rubbing alcohol on Amazon for £6.

Other methods to tackle mould and damp

If you're still struggling to tackle damp and condensation on your windows and walls, keeping your windows open as regularly as possible can help.

If this isn't possible due to weather, it's important to check any air vents or air bricks to ensure they're clear as well.

If your home is truly struggling with condensation, anti-condensation paint is a good last resort.

The paint can help prevent mould and moisture from forming and staying on your walls.

Amazon sells a bucket of the paint for £18.75, or Toolstation offers one for £26.99.

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