I snagged dream job working on picturesque beaches & in luxury hotels… but then I realised brutal truth about my role | The Sun

A WOMAN who snagged a dream job working on picturesque beaches and luxury hotels says that there are downsides.

Many of us will have often dreamed about working from home abroad – logging off to take a dip in the pool and catch some rays.

For consultant Sonya Barlow, 30, this dream has become reality.

Sonya works for three companies which all allow her to work remotely from places of her choosing.

She can earn money while travelling, making it a solid money-saving opportunity.

A big travel lover, Sonya seized the opportunity to work from wherever her heart desires and constantly travels around stunning locations for her job.

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She has set up office in picturesque spots ranging from Mauritius, Estonia, Turkey and Nairobi.

To make life even sweeter, Sonya stays in beautiful hotels kitted out with gyms and spas, turning her free time into a dream holiday.

And she has even checked her emails while on a safari in Kenya.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: "I’m in a better headspace, I’m focused, I’m more productive.

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"I’m able to turn or offload my apps. I can turn my social media off. I am able to get the work done."

The business author and radio presenter for BBC said she finds changing screens regularly and being in new environments can help "increase my mental cognitive functions".

And she added that the freedom of being able to control her working hours a bit more has been invaluable.

She said: "Because I’m neurodivergent I can give my brain a rest, which is really important."

The award-winning entrepreneur is founder of the @LMFnetwork and is a prominent diversity business coach and TEDx speaker.

Sonya said that her working arrangements make it an easier way to travel around,

And she also admitted that the sunshine was a huge factor in enjoying her work abroad.

She said: "The great thing about working abroad, not just in the UK, is that the sunshine lasts a little bit longer and so you are not worried about 'Oh I need to go the gym, or go for a walk and get my Vitamin D' in the morning.

"I can actually get the work done and then in the evening I can go and enjoy myself and be in a better headspace."

But Sonya did admit that her working from home life did have some downsides.

The consultant said that there were challenges including collaboration with her team who are miles away,

Sonya said: "The negatives of not being in an office environment is that you don’t get to collaborate with your team in the same way.

"There’s a lack of networking when you’re not in the office. You don’t really know what’s happening day to day so you need to be constantly informed."

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Another negative she said was that you are constantly working with technology, so finding ways of offsetting that is key.

It goes without saying that if your laptop or Wifi crashes, you will find yourself in a tight pickle.

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