‘I flaunt my postpartum body in swimwear – mums deserve to feel hot’

A mum is on a mission to show that all women deserve to feel "hot" – so she's flaunting her body to prove it.

Brooke Sherbert, AKA Raising Romey to her over 29,000 Instagram followers, is known for sharing body positive content online. She recently took a break from promoting mid-size fashion to draw attention to her changed body.

After recently welcoming a beautiful baby into the world, Brooke wanted to remind people just how much our bodies go through to create life. No matter how much they change – we can still look amazing.

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The mum said women seem to follow a certain narrative that needs to be changed. She thinks a lot of people spend time thinking they're "ugly" and then they look back at old pictures and think they were "hot".

It's a cycle that continues to repeat itself, and she thinks it's a waste of time. She recently ran a survey on social media to see how women view themselves and their bodies, and the results were shocking.

To show that you can feel good and confident at any shape or size she stripped down to a bikini to show off her bod. She looked amazing, and definitely confirmed how sexy it is to be curvy.

Writing on Instagram, Brooke said: "I put a poll on my story yesterday asking if anyone had ever felt like this, and the percentage was a shocking 91%. 91% of us feel like we never appreciate the now and always look back at photos when we're also thought we were *insert negative self talk*, and think 'oh I was hot', so why can we not see it in the moment?

"Let's change this narrative and change the way we look at our bodies! You are hot right now – or at least I'm sure your 80 year old self will think so!"

Social media users were quick to agree with her and said her words are "very true". Her followers thanked her for shining a light on it.

In a previous post, Brooke shared another beach snap of herself in the bikini. She told people she was embracing her bod, and celebrating all the wonder it brings.

The post read: "Embracing the body I have right now. One thing I have learnt is that my body is constantly changing and evolving, serving me in different ways as life changes.

"Right now I'm in my postpartum era after what is most likely my last pregnancy. Giving my body time to heal."

After she shared the picture people told her she looked "beautiful", and wished her a wonderful time away. She looked both happy and confident as she posed with pride at the beach.

Brooke truly showed that all bodies are bikini bodies.

One person said: "Beautiful." Another wrote: "Beautiful, it looks so gorgeous where you are, have a lovely time."

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